10 Indoor Winter Activities for Toddlers

February 19, 2018

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10 Winter Indoor Activities for Toddlers | lovelolablog.com

A few weeks ago I asked for some winter activities for toddlers. When it started getting too cold to go to the park, I found myself in a little bind trying to figure out how to entertain my wild child for a full day. I thought I’d share with you guys some indoor activities at home that we’ve been loving!

1. Do yoga together

I’ve been trying to get back into my regular yoga routine ever since Piper was born (for two years, ugh!). I’ve been committed to a Thursday night prenatal yoga class that has kept me motivated, but I’ve also been trying to do it at home more too. Piper loves to try to do all the stretches and poses with me, so it’s been a fun activity to do together. I don’t always get the best workout, ha, but I love that I’m teaching her to be active and care for her body, and we always have lots of giggles!

2. Play hide and seek

This one is Piper’s favorite. I’m so impressed how quickly she’s caught onto the counting, too. Sometimes she’ll make it all the way to 10 before she comes and finds you, and other times she skips a few numbers in there ;). She’d play this one for hours and it never seems to get old.

10 Winter Indoor Activities for Toddlers | lovelolablog.com

3. Read books

Ever since Piper was teeny, we’ve always tried to read at least one book/day. We’ve recently started a new rule of no screen time during the week, so we’ve been reading a lot more. Piper’s really loving it too and will come into the living room with piles of books. It’s really fun to see her love of reading grow.

4. Dress-Up

We’ve been accumulated a little dress up box. Playing dress up has been another fun activity we’ve enjoyed. One of Piper’s new phrases is now, “Mama, I need necklace.” Ha. It’s nice because it’s something I haven’t had to buy a whole lot of things for. Old hats and jewelry that I was planning on getting rid of, I just moved to the dress up box and it’s taken on a whole new life! You can also get some stuff at a thrift store, too!

5. Coloring or Painting

Such an easy one, but also such a hit. I have a stash of extra coloring books in the closet, and when we’re in a real pinch I’ll pull a new one out.

6. Build a Fort

This activity is perfect for those extra exhausting days ;). Once we compile all of our blankets and pillows into a fort, we’ll lay inside and read books or play Piper’s favorite, “night, night.” Piper basically just pretends to put me and her babies “night night,” so I just get to lay there, which is nice at 34+ weeks pregnant, ha.

10 Winter Indoor Activities for Toddlers | lovelolablog.com

7. Play music or dance together

Piper loves to dance. I’ll catch her dancing in front of our mirror regularly. We’ve been trying to let her play with instruments more and make her own music. She calls it “making noise,” haha. I’ve always wanted to try crafts of making our own instruments, like a tambourine with beans and paper plates.

8. Do chores together

Piper loves to help out around the house. Anytime I’m vacuuming she’ll pull out her play vacuum and ‘help.’ It’s so cute, she’ll go grab it and say “help mama.” She’s also started going to get the broom anytime she drops food or makes a mess on the floor. We’re  working on giving her more responsibility, too. So far, her main chores are cleaning her playroom, throwing her diapers away or going to get a diaper and wipes when she needs to be changed, and putting her dirty clothes in the hamper.

9. Host a tea party

Piper got a tea set for Christmas and I wasn’t sure how she would take to it, but it has quickly become one of her favorite games. She brings me “coffee” in her little tea mugs each morning and loves to sit around her table and make a cup for everyone.

10. Have a play date!

Having friends over to play gives mom a much needed break from all the toddler games ;), and some much needed adult conversation. A win for all!

As much as I love the summer and getting outside and playing, I’ve really loved this time we’ve had at home. When it comes to caring for your home and making sure it is a safe, well cared for space for all your play days, Terminix is always there and has so much to offer. You can see a full list of their services, here.

What activities are you loving this winter!?

This post is in partnership with Terminix Services, Inc. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that make this blog possible!

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