27 Weeks

August 26, 2015

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I recently returned from a few days away at North Topsail Island in North Carolina with family. I was so sad because Scofield had to stay home for work, but it was great to see my cousins and spend extended time with my sister and parents. We seem to be starting a trend of taking beach vacations at the end of the summer every year, and I definitely think I like it that way. Less crowds, not as much heat … which I am especially thankful for being 27 weeks pregnant.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy is going. I mean, 27 weeks!? Almost the third trimester!? Whaaaat? Sometimes this realization causes a mild panic attack ;), and other times I am giddy with excitement. It’s also crazy how much growth and change I have seen in my body in just the last few weeks. I went away for just a few days, and Scofield commented on how much bigger I look.  And I believe it, because some of those more uncomfortable symptoms are starting to kick in. Heart burn, sleepless nights, and going to the bathroom ALL THE TIME are just a few of them. Exercise has also become really painful, so I’ve had to take my sad attempt of a jog down to a slow, slow easy walk.

Other than that, can you believe that the summer is almost over!? One last beach trip for us, and then I am so excited to welcome fall! Bring on all the pumpkin spice lattes, apples, and cooler days ;)

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