May 6, 2013

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these past few days have been FULL: packing boxes, painting, studying, cleaning, moving, unpacking, and taking exams. and after all of it i can finally say we are in our new space. though it’s still on it’s way to feeling like home. the other night we fully unpacked the kitchen, and we are hoping to finish the living room soon and the study so we can actually walk through it. until then i feel like we’re swimming in a pool of boxes. but it’s provided an opportunity for me to grow in my patience–remembering that the mess is simply a part of the process. and also learning to go with the flow–even when the “flow” (that is, the “shower water flow”) is freezing because we forgot to turn on the gas prior to moving in… and my shower can hardly be called a shower because we still don’t have a shower curtain. So, bird bath it is… i haven’t taken one of those since childhood.

off to unpack some more!

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  1. Cattail Down

    Ikea days are some of the best and worst. They’re the best because you’re flooded with a bunch of super awesome, super cute, stuff that you totally want to buy… but their stores are so large that they can be kind of overwhelming. Since everyone loves their stuff they’re always crowded too!

    But nothing beats decorating your own place and fresh wall paint is one of the most important parts! Good luck getting it looking how you want it.


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