4th of july weekend

July 8, 2013

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over the weekend, scofield and i joined his family in the mountains for a little holiday vacation. we stayed in the cutest cabin…so cute that it made the rain outside, all weekend, not so bad. i actually enjoyed the rain. there’s something peaceful about thunderstorms…especially in the mountains.
       ^we got to hang around pups all weekend while janie [scofield’s sister] dog sat.
even with the rain, these two brothers decided to brave the torrential waters and go for a swim on our hike. at this point it was just sprinkling. somehow, the rain always seems to hold out until we finish our adventures. the moment we stepped off the trail and under cover, the downpour resumed…

    ^^this guy.

i think my favorite part of the rain was my yoga session on the back porch. between the rain, view, and the breeze, i was in my own little happy place. it was magical.

some of our other rainy day activities included visiting the market and grabbing some coffee at buck’s cafe.

so thankful for this country i call home! we hope everyone else had a lovely 4th!

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