A Look Back at 2015

December 30, 2015

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At the start of each new year, I love to look back and reminisce on all that the previous year held. 2015 was such a special year, as our family grew one in number, and immeasurably in love. Becoming a mom has been the most wonderful experience in my life and I so look forward to learning more on this journey in the year, and years, to come. One of the main reasons I love this little blog of mine so much is the opportunity to look back and remember special events and times in our lives, as well as the day to day adventures. With all the changes that took place in 2015, unfortunately my time here did take a bit of the back seat, but regardless, I’d thought I’d write up a little year in review, as seen on Love Lola.

A Look Back at 2015A Look Back at 20151 | At the start of the year we welcomed our sweet puppy Sage into our family. We adopted him in February at just 6 weeks when he was just a little guy. I shared a few posts about him, including the ins and outs of training a puppy. He has since grown into a 70 lb. lap dog ;). No matter how big he gets, though, he’ll always be our ‘puppy boy.’A Look Back at 20152 | I shared a few more of my favorite local spots, including The Village GrindA Look Back at 2015A Look Back at 20153 | Methodical CoffeeA Look Back at 20154 | and Sidewall Pizza.A Look Back at 20155 | I passed my RD exam and officially became a registered dietitian. I had plan to share lots of healthy recipes, but with the start of a new job and the exhaustion of pregnancy, I only got the chance to share a few, like this lightened up tomato pie. I hope to share much more in 2016!A Look Back at 20156 | We celebrated our three year wedding anniversary and took some pictures with Jessi Nichols Photography, which are some of my favorite pictures to date!A Look Back at 2015A Look Back at 20157 | We also announced that we were expecting a baby in November! I started writing a series called ‘pregnancy diaries,’ which was so fun to share!A Look Back at 20158 | We took a weekend trip to Charleston, SC.A Look Back at 20159 | We announced that we were expecting a baby girl!!A Look Back at 2015A Look Back at 201510 | I took a trip to Topsail Island with my family, and Scofield and I visited Garden City Beach with friends.A Look Back at 2015A Look Back at 201511 | I collaborated with some creatives I truly admire, and helped design this lovely tablescape for the Savored Soiree.IMG_0001IMG_999412 | I partnered with Kiley Lauren Photography and Jord Watches to talk about maternity fashion…A Look Back at 201513 | We visited with family in Chapel Hill.A Look Back at 201514 | I shared a bit of my ‘bump journey‘ throughout the year, and then finally…A Look Back at 201515 | We welcomed our baby girl, Piper Rose, to the world on November 22 at 9:45 pm, only hours before my birthday. Best birthday present ever, and what a way to end the year! I shared her birth story, here.

As hard as 2015 will be to top, I think 2016 might just be the best yet :). Here’s to the new year!

p.s. See previous years in review, here and here.

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