a look into our nook.

March 6, 2013

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There it is. Our home. The way it is suppose to look (today is clearly not friday).
I would have posted pictures “room by room,” but…EVERYTHING is in one room! We like to call our home “The Treehouse”… It’s a studio-garage apartment. We look out our many windows to gaze upon trees that surround us. It’s quite lovely really.
When we one day leave this space it’ll be bitter sweet.
Bitter…because this is our first home together. Yes we have little space, but we fill each nook and cranny with love. I think I will one day look back and miss the times we made dinner, ate breakfast, slept, and watched tv all in the same room.
Sweet…because I will not miss doing dishes for hours each day (no dishwasher) or lugging our laundry down the street to a washing machine (we don’t have one of those either…).
Regardless, I know we will bring life and love wherever we go, and wherever we stay. That is for certain.
We hope your home brings you as much joy as our treehouse brings us!
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