A Simple Dresser Makeover

February 5, 2016

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Dresser | Love Lola

Today I thought I would share with you guys one little corner of our room with a simple dresser makeover. This dresser has been around for quite some time and has served us well. When Scofield and I first got married we were both in college and we had very little, aka nothing, to our name. Instead of spending money we didn’t have on buying new furniture, we decided to give some old furniture from storage a little love. We painted this dresser and over time have added knobs that we collected from various stores, like anthropologie and michaels.

In our first little apartment we used it as a joint tv stand and dresser. We lived in a teeny tiny studio garage apartment, so we tried to make use of every little bit of space we had, without making it feel too crowded. Since then, we’ve moved into a few other homes, and finally settled into our first house a couple years ago. We are currently using this little dresser in our bedroom, and it is a nice reminder of the simpler days….the days of no dishwasher, one love seat, and a kitchen that could only fit one person at a time ;).

Dresser | Love LolaDresser | Love LolaDresser | Love LolaDresser | Love LolaDresser | Love LolaDresser | Love Lola

I love what a simple, cheap, and quick makeover this was. It didn’t take a lot of time or money, but has a big effect. If you’re looking to touch up your dresser with some mismatched knobs, or even matching knobs, be sure to check out anthropologie, target, or any craft store.

We’re thinking that one day this dresser will be perfect for our Piper girl’s little room, and maybe we’ll finally invest in some pieces of our own ;). But until then, we’re loving it in our little corner.

Happy Weekend!

Shop some of my favorite knobs!

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