Anniversary Trip to Nashville

June 4, 2014

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last weekend scofield and i spent the most lovely couple of days in nashville to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. we stayed at a little bed and breakfast off 12th avenue south that was absolutely adorable. we walked around, ate lots and lots of great food, and visited fun antique shops and vintage stores. there’s nothing like a few days down with that guy. if only we had a few more days away…but i’m thankful for the time that we had!
 ^ can you spy tom hanks?

some of our favorite spots featured in this post: barista parlor, the pharmacy burger parlor and beer garden, the green wagon, and crema.

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7 thoughts on “Anniversary Trip to Nashville

  1. Grace Mattei

    Haha, I still can’t get over you seeing Tom Hanks. I would seriously die. And give him a big hug. Nashville has always intrigued me, and your pictures just make me want to visit more! Happy belated anniversary!

    xo, grace (

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