Around Town: Coffee and Crema

January 7, 2015

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Coffee and Crema Greenville SC
Coffee and Crema Greenville, SC
Coffee and Crema Greenville, SC
Coffee and Crema

over the holidays, scofield and i bundled up and spent an afternoon in downtown greenville. one thing we love is a good cup of coffee, so as we were walking the streets we thought we would try coffee and crema. it’s a little “walk-thru” [ instead of “drive-thru”, get it? ;) ] window in the middle of downtown that i’ve always spotted, but have never stopped by. i’m so glad we did because my latte was so creamy and delicious. it was the perfect addition to our little afternoon date.

how do you like your coffee!?

coffee and crema
2 north main street
greenville, sc 29601

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