Around Town: Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery

July 22, 2013

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me and my man are loving our greenville life. our young hippie spirits are free to thrive. we’ve been enjoying downtown and eating many a meals at our favorite place–tupelo honey. but for brunch this weekend we decided to try out the swamp rabbit cafe and grocery, right on the swamp rabbit trail that runs through greenville and into traveler’s rest (a biker’s dream). we heard they had delicious homemade scones, fresh every morning. we can’t miss that!
because of my wheat allergy, i was delighted to see that they had gluten free scones. sometimes gluten free can really let you down….especially when the “regular” baked good have 10 different flavor varieties, and there is only one option that’s gluten free. my heart sinks a little every time, because i love trying new flavors. the stranger, the better. but this little cafe was spot on with their blueberry chocolate chip scones.
see you again soon, swamp rabbit cafe. but next time, we’ll be on our bikes.


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