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March 27, 2013

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The corner bagel anderson sc
bagel shop anderson sc
I think I ate at the bagel shop for breakfast at least once a week in high school. It is so good, and just a happy place to be.
the corner bagel anderson sc
the large variety of bagels provides a flavor to fit every mood. sometimes i’m feeling simple and want a whole wheat or eight grain bagel, sometimes i’m craving something sweet and get the blueberry or cinnamon raisin, and other times i want something salty and savory, which the “everything” bagel satisfies perfectly.
the bagel shop anderson sc
The Corner Bagel Breakfast Shop
Scofield’s go-to order is egg whites on a whole grain everything bagel, with sun-dried tomato cream cheese and provolone cheese. Intense, right? I steal a bite every time :)…
The Corner Bagel
As much as I love their bagels, my favorite thing to order is their organic morning glory muffins. You typically have to get their early or they will be sold out. My issues with morning don’t help me there…
The Corner Bagel Anderson SC
They look small, but are so dense and full of goodness that it keeps me full all morning. That and a large cup of coffee.
Corner Bagel Shop and Deli
I’m convinced you can’t go wrong with a town favorite…or at least that for sure is the case here.
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