At The Apple Orchard

September 30, 2013

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my favorite way to welcome fall is with apple picking. needless to say, yesterday was my favorite day.
scofield and i went up to the north carolina mountains to meet our small group for apple picking — along with the whole rest of the state. it is always so crowded! but, of course, we were running way behind and most of our friends were done picking by the time we got there. so we said our hellos, gave some hugs, and then headed out ourselves.

^do you see scofield? between this and his white water rafting trip this weekend, he keeps me on edge. “be careful!” gosh, i           can’t imagine how uptight i’ll be when we have kids…

and what is a trip to the apple orchard without the world’s best apple cider donuts!? well, they’re the only apple cider donuts i’ve ever had. but they are so good…the best out there, i imagine. and we did not eat all 6..we shared. [although we totally could have!]
you can see our adventures from last year’s apple picking here
i hope you’re enjoying this fresh fall weather wherever you are!
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