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June 27, 2017

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WIDE BRIM STRAW HAT // My only hope for any tan in my life is via spray tan. My skin is so fair and burns so easily, so I am all about sun protection these days. I love this one or this one hat for the beach. So cute, but also serves a very important purpose of protecting your face from harmful UV rays.

TASSLE EARRINGS // I am obsessed with these tassle earrings. It is taking so much self control to not order them in every color. They are perfect for dinner out, or they are so fun to wear on the beach! They are so much lighter than any other tassle earrings I have ever tried, and you can’t even feel them on.

MAUI JIM SUNGLASSES // I love my pair of maui jim sunglasses. I’ve always been one to snag a pair of cheap sunglasses, but these are so worth the investment. If you’re going to be out in the sun, especially on the water where sunlight is reflecting, I highly recommend something polarized.

THE LIGHT WE LOST BOOK // I always take an easy read to the beach. Something you don’t have to focus too much on (it is vacation after all!), and that is fun to read. I’ve heard if you loved the movie ‘One Day’ with Anne Hathaway, that you’ll love this book. I saw that movie in college when I was engaged, and ended the movie crying hysterically. I probably have to be careful with this book, but I’ve heard good things!

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL EGG CREAM MASK // Being in the sun can really dry out your skin, and this mask replaces moisture like no other. Love to add it to my regimen when I’m at the beach.

BLACK RUFFLE SUIT // I can’t get enough ruffles lately, and find myself gravitating towards all suits black.

STRAW BEACH TOTE // I love the selection at Target. Super affordable and great quality (in my opinion). My beach bag is currently going on year 3 and good as new.

COOLA SPF 30 SETTING SPRAY // I normally go to the beach bare faced, but if I’m going to put on any makeup I have to have a setting spray if I have any hope of keeping it in on my face during the day. Whether I’m wearing makeup or not, I use this setting spray as sunscreen for my face. My skin is so sensitive and easily gets oily or breaks out with sunscreen. I love that this provides the protection, but is easy and light on my skin.

There you have it, my beach packing list for a fun, stylish, sun-protected beach vacation!

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