Bloggers Who Beautycounter + A Giveaway!

October 11, 2017

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Bloggers Who BeautyCounter + A Giveaway |

I am so excited to bring you today’s post, because I get to share with you some of my favorite ladies, plus my favorite beauty and skincare line! I recently jumped on board as a consultant with beautycounter, and have been blessed tenfold not just by the products and business side of things, but by the fabulous team I am a part of! I’ve loved getting to know Lisa, Rachel, Mary Scott, Amy Beth, Terah, Catheryn, and Claire and adore each one of their blogs (you should check them all out!). We have all fallen head over heels with beautycounter, and wanted to give one lucky reader today the chance to do the same by winning a mini spa set (of your choice)! If you’ve been interested in the brand for a while, these sets are a great way to give beautycounter a try. They also make fabulous Christmas gifts.

To partner with all my blogging gals, we thought we’d all answer a set of questions to give you a look into our blogs and why we love beautycounter. Keep reading to learn more and enter the giveaway!

Bloggers Who BeautyCounter + A Giveaway |

1. Introduce yourself!

My name is Lauren, and I live in Greenville, SC with my husband, almost 2 year old, and baby on the way! I love to blog about motherhood, fashion, and bits and pieces of our life :).

2. Where can people find you and your family on a Saturday?

Brunch, always. We love to go out for a late breakfast and coffee, and then stroll around the farmer’s market or head to the park.

3. What’s your best habit related to wellness?

Two years ago I would have said working out 5-6 days/week, but since having a baby I have gotten out of the routine, sadly! Now I would have to say drinking 3-4 L of water/day and my skincare routine :)

4. How did you first learn about Beautycounter and why did you join as a consultant?

I actually heard about beautycounter a couple of years ago, but recently decided to join the mission. Getting older, I decided it’s time to really take my skincare routine seriously. Plus, expecting a new baby and having a little one around I am more and more passionate about having safe products in our home.

5. What is your favorite thing about being a Beautycounter consultant?

How do I pick just one!? Well, for one, the products. And the discounts ;).  I’ve also loved the people it’s connected me with and the team of women I am on. I share with my readers products I love and things that make my life easier, so I love the opportunity to share this brand I believe in so much.

6. What is your current daily skincare routine?

In the morning I wash my face with the charcoal bar, followed by the countermatch moisturizer. In the evening, I remove my eye makeup, and then wash my face with the nourishing cleanser (or charcoal bar). I’ll follow with the charcoal mask 2-3x/week or the nourishing exfoliator 2x/week. I’ll finish with the rejuvinating night cream and rejuvinating eye cream. I spot treat my acne with baby balm to sleep…works like a charm!

7. Which is your #1 favorite Beautycounter product and why?

Baby balm. I get the worst hormonal acne while I’m pregnant, and it has helped clear up my skin so much! It’s my biggest secret! I put it on my acne spots before bed, and in the morning they are significantly less red and reduced in size. Cannot live without this stuff. If you struggle with acne, give this a try. I promise  you will be converted!

8. Which Beautycounter product is on your list to pick up next?

The holiday gift sets, obviously!! There are so many goodies, just in time for the holidays, and I can’t wait to get my hands on them! I need to shop for friends and family, but really I just want to shop for myself!

9. What beauty product will you never leave the house without?

Mascara. I live for mascara.

10. What’s your best/favorite beauty tip?

Line your lips with lipliner to make them look bigger, then top with lipstick ;) I am currently obsessed with our holiday color intense lip set that just came out!

Bloggers Who Beautycounter + A Giveaway

Now, onto the best part! Use the rafflecopter below to win the BeautyCounter Spa Set of your choice! The winner will be able to choose from the brightening set (great for aging and sun spots), the balancing set (perfect for oily skin and acne), or the plumping set (you can never start anti-aging products too soon!). Each set contains a mask, a face oil, and a facial mist. I am obsessed with them all and depending on my needs at the time, always have one of them in my rotation. The giveaway ends October 15th, and the winner will be announced October 16th!

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