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5 Ways to Style Small Paintings in Your Home

June 12, 2017

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Small paintings are the perfect accessory  to add a pop of color to a room. I love that they are small and make a statement, without being overwhelming. These cute little paintings by Julie Marriott are currently residing in my living room, but I wanted to share with you a few other ways to style them!

1 | Use them to accessorize a credenza – For my prints I went with a blue and pink color scheme, to match the rest of our living room. I love that Julie can customize them to bring the colors in a room together. It was the perfect little missing piece to our credenza.


2 | Style honeycomb shelves – I think honeycomb shelves are such a cute addition to any room. I have loved them in Piper’s nursery and switch out how I style them every once in a while. Small square paintings fit perfectly on them and add a fun pop of color!


3 | On a bookshelf – Pattern mixing at it’s finest. Mix it up by adding a print to a bookshelf.


4 | Over a crib –  I have them styled here with a set of three, but they would look just as adorable in a set of four or five. Instead of one big print over a crib, opt for multiple small ones.


5  | As part of a gallery wall – Add some dimension to a gallery wall by incorporating multiple small pieces of art amidst larger paintings and frames.

little prints 10little prints 11photo courtesy of julie marriott

Some other ways to style small prints include on a mantle, over a reading nook. The possibilities are endless! It’s also an affordable way to feature original artwork in your home.

See more of Julie’s work, and snag your own paintings, here.

How to Warm Up a White Room

May 25, 2017

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There is no question that I love white. White furniture, white tops, and especially white walls. When we moved into our house half of it was covered in wallpaper and the other half was a beige off-white color. The first thing we did take down all the wallpaper and give the whole house a fresh coat of white paint. It made a world of difference. But as we moved in and began decorating, I noticed that some of the rooms felt too cold. White walls provide a blank canvas and a clean feeling, but sometimes it can feel too clean. Below are some tips for warming up a space and making your white room cozy as ever!

How to Warm Up a White Room_edited-1

 Add details to the walls. Shiplap is all the rage right now, and there’s good reason for it. You can have a simple white room, but the shiplap brings a whole new layer of fun! You can also play around with paneling. I love the variety of modern options at CSI 3D Wall Panels.

How to Warm Up a White Room |

Bring in a colorful rug. If you’ve been following my blog, you know this is one of my favorite ways to bring color to a room. I am a sucker for pink rugs specifically. I love how you can go so many different directions with a room, depending on what rug you choose.

How to Warm Up a White Room |

A pop of color with pillows. Pillows are an inexpensive way to really liven up a white room. When picking your pillows, opt for colorful, large pillows to really make the space feel full.

How to Warm Up a White Room |

Add texture. You can do this with your pillows, rugs and blankets, but I also adore wall tapestries. Even if you choose a neutral color, the warmth of the yarn and materials will really warm up a room.

Paint your ceiling a soft, neutral color. If you are like me and love keeping all your walls white but you feel like the room needs a little extra “umph”, consider painting the ceiling a soft color. I love how my friend Stephanie painted her baby girl’s nursery ceiling a beautiful blush. It adds so much to the room a makes it feel so much more colorful!

How to Warm Up a White Room | lovelolablog.comHow to Warm Up a White Room |

Incorporate greenery. When all else fails, add plants. You can never go wrong with a few extra plants in a space. It’s amazing the difference that they make. They bring in a whole new element of color, without clashing or drawing room much attention away from the other pieces in a room. They instantly bring a room to life!

I have absolutely loved incorporating these tips in our home, and I hope that you will too! Thank you so much for stopping by!!

*Photos by Jessi Nichols Photography and Sophie Brendle Photography

Bohemian Chic Living Room Reveal with Markley Design

May 10, 2017

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Bohemian Chic Living Room Reveal with Markley Design | lovelolablog.comBohemian Chic Living Room Reveal with Markley Design | lovelolablog.comYou guys, it’s here! One Room Challenge reveal day!! I am so excited to share with you the space I curated with Markley Design. Hayden was exactly what I needed to get my butt into gear, and make this room happen. We’ve been living in a half finished room (more like 1/4 finished) for three years now, and it feels amazing to finally have it completed!!! I honestly feel like this room is an extension of me, and it makes me so happy to come home to it. My goals for this room were to create a space that was inviting and cozy, while also being bright and full of color, which I definitely feel like we were able to achieve!

Did I go overload with posting pictures? Maybe. Am I sorry? Not at all. Click ‘continue reading’ to see the full reveal, as well as all the products linked at the end!

continue reading

Living Room Progress: Minted Art

May 4, 2017

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Minted Art | Love Lola

You guys. I am geeking out over how our living room is coming together. But man, oh man, has it been a process. I don’t know about you, but I have major design OCD. (Did I say major!?) I rethink things once, rethink them twice, then rethink them again. Which is exactly what I did when deciding on a piece of art to hang above the couch. The wall behind the couch in our living room flows straight into the kitchen, so it was important for me for everything to stay cohesive. I originally thought about doing a gallery wall here, but the wall is so big and just the thought of putting together a gallery wall stressed me out. (so much work, right???).

Minted Art | Love Lola 3

I considered a neutral macrame piece, but in the end decided that we really needed the color from an art print. The only trick was that our rug has so much pattern and color, that we didn’t want the art to clash. Since our rug has shades of mauve, gray, and pink, what the room was really lacking was blue. Once we added the minty blue couch, I felt like I needed some deeper shades of blue to really anchor the room. But once again, we didn’t want the art to clash with the rug, and we didn’t want it to take too much attention away from our other bold statement pieces – the rug, our fiddle leaf fig, and our couch.

Minted Art | Love Lola 5Minted Art | Love Lola 8

I envisioned a peace that whispered a gentle hello when you walked in. A piece that filled the room with soothing background noise, but wasn’t so loud you couldn’t think. I searched and searched on Minted using their filter feature to browse through all of their blue, pink and abstract prints. I saved all of the prints that really spoke to me under “my favorites” in Minted and then looked through them with Hayden. We finally landed on this abstract and I couldn’t be more pleased. It is everything I dreamed of and more. It’s the perfect combination of shades of blue and pink, and complements the rug and couch perfectly (I think!). It is so gentle up there on the wall and is killing me softly (in the best way!).

Minted Art | Love Lola 9

After the whole art shebang, I am officially obsessed with Minted and am still constantly adding art pieces to my favorites folder, as I dream of decorating more spaces in our home. Since there are so many pieces I love, I’ve linked some of my other favorites below!


Next week is the final One Room Challenge reveal, so be sure to tune in first thing Thursday morning! Hayden and I absolutely cannot wait to share my living room with you. Good things coming, you guys!!

Shop my favorites:

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