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Around Town: Tandem Creperie and Coffeehouse

November 5, 2014

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last weekend, scofield and i planned on getting up saturday morning and going out for breakfast. then, we decided to sleep in a little later and go to brunch. sleeping in a little later turned into sleeping in really late, so we ended up going out for lunch instead. you know how it goes ;). i’ve heard such great things about tandem, so i was super excited to finally get to try it out. i seriously cannot say enough good things. the decor, atmosphere, food, coffee… it is such a wonderful place!
 ^ i ordered the ‘roasted roots’ crepe, filled with sweet potatoes, rosemary, garlic, cheese, and balsamic. scofield ordered the ‘monte cristo’ and loved it as well. we both stuck with a savory crepe this go round, but i can’t wait to go back and try the chocolate caramel or apple crisp one.
 ^ vanilla latte made with local, farm fresh whole milk. reminds me of our time in brazil a few years ago where it was strong espresso and whole milk every morning. such lovely memories.
 ^ the wind last weekend was insane. did i mention it snowed that morning? because it snowed that morning… on november 1st. crazy, right.
thanks for a wonderful, delicious morning tandem! can’t wait to meet again!
2 s main street
traveler’s rest, sc 29690

Apple Picking

October 20, 2014

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a few of my closest girlsfriends and i recently headed up to sky top orchard for a little apple picking with katherine herndon photography. it’s one of my favorite things to do in fall, and lucky for us, the orchard is nearby, only about 45 minutes away. we got really lucky, because the weather called for rain, but we decided to take our chances anyway. when we got there we had just missed the torrential down pour and the sun was out and shining for us. yeah! we had so much fun running around, picking apples, and taking pictures. it seems sky top is getting more and more popular every year, so we really had to search to find apples this year. i heard that with the rate they are growing, they will probably have to expand soon. yay! more apples for us, right!?
katherine is a total whiz with her camera, not to mention one of the kindest, trendiest humans i know. i could not have enjoyed this collaboration more, and am so excited to share some pictures with you below…

such a fun, perfect day in the apple orchard. before we left we made sure to grab some freshly baked apple cider donuts, along with frozen apple cider. couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon with muh ladies.

thank you katherine for the pictures!

don’t forget to check katherine out on her website and facebook page!

More From Nashville

June 9, 2014

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 i know, i know….we took a lot of pictures…
 ^ best ice cream shop i’ve ever visited … wishing there was one in greenville!
 ^ i ordered dark chocolate and wildberry lavender. it was so hard to decide because they had the coolest flavors, like brown butter almond brittle and goat cheese and red cherries.
 ^ vegan dog for me! yeah!

New York City, Part 1

December 11, 2013

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on saturday, katie and i made our first stop at the brooklyn bridge. it was cold, but boy was it beautiful. we had lovely views of the city, the sun was shining, and well…i just love walking.
after the bridge we had brunch in brooklyn. we stumbled upon the cutest little restaurant [and other adorable ones along the way]. it was so hard to decide which one we wanted to go to, so we just made a decision – pretty much feeling like we’d hit jackpot at any of them.
^oh, and meet katie. she’s adorable. i just want to put her in my pocket and keep her with me always. i’m not kidding…also, she’s the bravest person i know. maybe if she’s in my pocket that brave will rub off on me…
^and don’t get me started on the christmas decorations…everywhere. it was amazing. i’m seriously thinking about making a trip to new york at christmas a tradition.
^i love all the colors of the bikes here. heck, i just love that there were bikes everywhere. my freshman year of college, i begged my dad for a bike. so for my birthday, he got me a cute little light blue one with a basket to ride around campus. i was so so excited…and then i rode it. no one really rode bikes at my school…at least not little blue cruisers with baskets. there were also minimal bike lanes, and because it wasn’t a road bike, riding it on the road was kinda dangerous…and really awkward. so it sat there, all year long. then i took it back home and it’s been sitting in my parent’s garage ever since. i’m still trying to convince my dad i’m going to come get it and paint over the rust [whoops] and start riding it. really, i am….
^a salted caramel chocolate chip cookie from ovenly, but the bakery should be called heavenly
oh new york, you’ve stolen my heart…
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