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Our Holiday Traditions

November 29, 2018

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Our Holiday Traditions |

I love creating experiences and traditions at Christmas for our family to revisit year after year. We had a couple of traditions I loved as a kid, and it’s been fun incorporating, tweaking, and including those, along with new experiences and adventures we’ve come up with for our family. I thought it’d be fun to share with you guys, and I’d love to hear yours as well!

Our Holiday Traditions |

Our Holiday Traditions |

1. Day trip to the mountains to get our Christmas tree

This tradition is at the top of the list because it’s my absolute favorite! We go to Ziegler tree farm in the mountains, outside of Greenville every year. It’s about a 2 hour drive, but totally worth it. We’ll leave early in the morning, grab a christmas drink from starbucks, listen to Christmas music on the way up, and then go hunting for the perfect tree when we get up there. You have the option to cut the tree down yourself or have them do it. They also have fresh wreaths for great prices! We generally grab lunch on on way back down the mountain, and have a christmas tree decorating party that night. It’s a full day, but the kind of day I hope my kids will remember forever!

2.  Drive around to look at Christmas lights

There use to be a house near our neighborhood that decked our their entire property with lights, including santa, popcorn, and hot chocolate. It’s so fun to walk through, and see Piper’s reaction to santa claus every year, which is always one of terror! ha. Sadly they are no longer doing this, but we still make a point to drive around and look at lights in our PJ’s with hot chocolate!

3. Christmas pajamas

I love picking out Christmas pajamas for the kids. Growing up, we’d always open up pajamas on christmas eve and sleep in them that night. Now, I love to pick out pajamas and have the kids wear them the end of November through December. Kids in Christmas jammies, nothing better!

4. Decorate the house

In my opinion, it’s not Christmas without a decorated home! I’ve collected ornaments for the tree over the years, and other than that I like to keep it simple and natural. I love to bring in greenery and twinkle lights, and lots of white and wood mini christmas trees. I’ll pull out christmas books and add them to the kid’s reading shelf. And last year I couldn’t help myself, but I added a little personal tree to Piper’s room and we decorated it together. It was the best! So I’ll probably do that again this year ;).

In the coming months, I find myself purging and cleaning out the home, making it clean and inviting while we burrow down for the winter. And while we’re seeking warmth, bugs and critters are too! With an older home, we’ve had to take some extra precautions to keep unwanted mice (yes, ewww) and bugs out of our home. I love all the help Terminix offers in helping to keep your home winter ready!

5. Christmas Eve service

We always go to a Christmas Eve service, and I look forward to it every year. It’s vital for focusing our hearts and minds on the reason for Christmas, and it’s always such a sweet, moving service. All the kids stay with their families and come to the service, too. And while it might be a little loud and hectic, it sure is sweet. I love the worship with my babies by my side.

What are your christmas traditions? I’d love to hear!

This post is in partnership with Terminix Services, Inc, but all opinions are my own.

Fall Home Tour

October 28, 2018

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Fall Home Tour |

It seems as if fall showed up here in South Carolina over night. One day it was 80 degrees, and the next day 60! We’ve been anxiously awaiting it’s arrival and have had the house decorated since late September. And just in time for Halloween this week, I’m sharing it with you guys here!

Fall Home Tour |

I love adorning the house with pumpkins. I grabbed mine from Trader Joe’s, and we have them in the entry way, on the dining room table, front porch, and little white pumpkins scattered throughout. I also grabbed some magnolia leaves from our magnolia tree for a pop of greenery in the entryway.

Fall Home Tour |
Fall Home Tour |
Fall Home Tour |

I found these string lights in the dollar section of target, and love the little touch they add to the mantle.  The bats are from hobby lobby. I’m obsessed with them!

Fall Home Tour |

Spider webs over our art and picture frames!

Fall Home Tour |

Here are a few of our seasonal books, displayed in Piper’s room.

Fall Home Tour |

I got this idea for creating a spider garland with your child’s handprints from Brittany Viklund. She always has the most creative, inspiring ideas, and I love how the garland turned out! Piper’s room is fully decked out with the spider garland, foam bats, spider webs, and halloween/fall books. So far, she loves decorating just as much as I do ;)

Fall Home Tour |
Fall Home Tour |

Another bat project we made using toilet paper rolls, some black finger paint, construction paper, and googly eyes! We watched a couple of youtube videos on bats too, and Piper loves to share how they “are black, fly at night, and hand upside down!” Piper loves animals, so I’ve made a point to use the season for learning activities about bats, spiders, etc.

Fall Home Tour |

I’ve always loved fall, but have never thought much of Halloween. Since having children, and as they get older, all holidays are becoming so much more fun. I’ve loved doing crafts, decorating, and creating experiences for the kids this year. Our home feels so festive, and I might be enoying fall more than I ever have because of it!

This weekend, we woke up and made pumpkin muffins with football on in the background, then drank coffee and watched Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin while they cooked. Scofield and his dad worked on our deck, and the air was crisp and perfect! All while the house smelled of pumpkin muffins and fall candles. It was glorious in all its simplicity.

To create an enjoyable space, we always look to Terminix to keep our home safe and sound in the cooler weather. You can see a list of all they offer here, which is so much more than just termites. As a home owner, I have so much excitement for things I never thought I would!

This post is in partnership with Terminix Services, Inc., but all opinions are my own

Our Fall Bucket List

September 23, 2018

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Fall Bucket List |

Fall is here, and I am bursting at the seems with excitement. When the air is crisp and fresh, it feels like such an opportunity for a fresh start, to press the reset button. I love putting together a little fall bucket list every year to create a sense of adventure in our family, and fully enjoy the season and all it has to offer! Here’s what you’ll find on our bucket list this fall:

Fall Bucket List |

1. Have a fall picnic outdoors

We had such a fun time doing this last year, when you can finally be outside for more than 5 minutes without dripping in sweat. We make it a goal to get outside every single day, to promote adventure, and for my sanity, so we’re often taking a blanket and our food to the yard at lunchtime. But what’s really special is when we can get to the park, and Dad can come along! Bring some games or a soccer ball to really make it a fun evening.

Fall Bucket List |

2. Bake fall goodies

I love baking anything and everything in the cooler months. When we go apple picking, I plan to use the apples to bake an apple pie. We’re also big fans of pumpkin bread and muffins, spiced granola, and pumpkin cookie cutters, as well! But I think my favorite part is how cozy and yummy it allmakes the house smell.

If you’re really in for a treat, give my most popular recipe (and our family’s favorite) a try – savory pumpkin pizza! It really is my favorite pizza ever.

Fall Bucket List |

3. Make a pumpkin flavored smoothie

This kind of goes along with baking, but Piper is such a smoothie lover that it had to have a category all it’s own. She calls them a “smoobie” and requests one often.

4. Do a fall craft with the kids

I hope to make some fall banners out of construction paper with Piper for the playroom. I’d also love to paint pumpkins with her! I plan to hop on pinterest and come up with some fun ideas.

Fall Bucket List |

5. Decorate the front porch

Nothing makes it feel more like fall than coming home to pumpkins and mums on the front porch! It makes my heart so happy. I love the fantasy pumpkins in soft shades of orange, gray, and white. We pick ours up from trader joe’s!

6. Put up a fall wreath

I have done a magnolia wreath in the past, but I am leaning towards a wheat wreath this year! I love adding a wreath to signal a new season. I typically stick one on our front door and the door in our kitchen.

Fall Bucket List |

7. Carve a pumpkins + have a bonfire

Every year we get together with our whole family and eat chili, sit by the bonfire, and carve pumpkins. It’s the most delightful evening and I look forward to it every year!

8. Light fall candles

Currently in our house we have the Anthropologie pumpkin candle going. It fills the entire house with the smell of pumpkins and is so strong, in the best way. I also love Lindbergh candle co (my favorites are ‘cabin’ and ‘lumberjack’) and I’ve been wanting to try Candelles!

Fall Bucket List |

9. Bundle up and go for walk outside

Fall Bucket List |

10. Drink a pumpkin spice latte

So cliche, but I really do love them! I have to have at least one during the season! ;)

A few other things on my list… go for a ride through the mountains to see the leaves change, go apple picking, and make a big pot of chili. But, at the top of my list, is just getting outside. With the help of Terminix, we’ll really get to enjoy the changing season in a pest-free, kid-friendly backyard!

What’s on your family’s bucket list!?

This post is in partnership with Terminix Services, Inc., but all opinions are my own.

How We Beat the Summer Heat

August 22, 2018

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With summer coming to a close, we’ve been working towards knocking everything out on our summer bucket list. With kids in tow, summer has taken on a whole new meaning. I love seeing the season through their eyes and leading them on adventures.

While there’s technically only one month left of summer, it takes a while for the South Carolina heat to get the Fall memo. While I’m hopeful that cooler temperatures are just around the corner, you’ll find us using these tips and tricks to stay cool…

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