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Our Stay At The Abernathy

August 11, 2017

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Last weekend we packed up our stuff and headed to my old stomping grounds, Clemson, SC, to stay at The Abernathy for a night away. A night to refresh was just what I needed, and I felt like a new person when we got home.

If you’re a Clemson Tiger fan, or plan on going to any football games this fall, then I would highly recommend staying at The Abernathy. It is a Clemson fan’s dream hotel. Number one, it’s a few steps away from the stadium. Number two, there are so many beautiful Clemson elements weaved into the hotel. The walls are a very subtle, calming lavender gray color and there are accents of purple and orange throughout the hotel. For instance, the ceiling when you first walk in is a soft peach! So pretty. I can’t get over how elegant the hotel felt, and the subtle Clemson theme was the perfect touch.

There’s also a bar and little cafe downstairs, which is perfect for a drink before going out to dinner. Seriously, it’s so cute.

I also had the brilliant idea of instead of driving into Clemson for the day (if you’re local), stay at The Abernathy and you’ll get to bypass all the insane parking, after the game when you’re exhausted you can go straight to bed and crash and don’t have to sit in traffic for hours trying to get home, AND you can tailgate in the room (where there’s a big screen TV), instead of standing in the hot hot heat. Refrigerators, bathroom, AC…sounds like dream tailgating to me ;).

The Abernathy Hotel at Clemson
157 Old Greenville Hwy
Clemson, SC 29631

Stocking Up on Christmas Gifts With the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

July 31, 2017

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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale isn’t over yet, there’s still 6 days left to shop it! I think it’s a great time to stock up on Christmas gifts at unbeatable prices now, which will save you money in the long run. Plus, you’ll be so thankful when November rolls around and you already have your Christmas shopping finished! I mean, imagine a Christmas where all there is to do is sit back, kick up your feet, and listen to Christmas music while you sip hot chocolate. Dreamy, right!? ;)

For Mom // I picked a cozy neutral blanket for your mommas. Such a beautiful, classic gift that would no doubt be used and loved.

For your best girlfriends // You can’t go wrong with a cute little coffee mug. Because let’s be real, you can never have too many coffee mugs.

For your inlaws // A beautiful wood/marble serving board. It’s a bit of a higher price point, but I think would be a great gift both mother-in-law and father-in-laws would love.

For Dad // I don’t know about your dad, but my dad never buys clothes for himself, so opting for clothes makes a great christmas gift.

For your sisters // The yummiest candles that any sister would love (I know I would!)

For the husband, boyfriend, brothers in your life // A beautiful, classic watch makes the perfect gift for any man in your life. I love this one, but there are so many different options at different price points!

I am also giving away a $300 Nordstrom gift card on Instagram today, so be sure to head over and enter! Happy shopping!

10 Outdoor Summer Activities for Toddlers

July 17, 2017

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10 Outdoor Summer Activities for Toddlers

With summer in full force, I’ve compiled a list of our favorite 10 outdoor summer activities for toddlers. If we stay inside too much, both Piper and I will go a little stir crazy. Just getting outside for an hour makes the biggest difference in our day. This has also made me realize how essential it is to have a yard space that feels groomed, managed, and safe to play in. Terminix offers so many services outside of termites, including ants, spiders, and mosquitos that you don’t want hanging around during your play time!

10 Outdoor Summer Activities for Toddlers10 Outdoor Summer Activities for Toddlers

1 | Baby pool. We love our little $10 baby pool purchase. On a hot summer day where’s it’s a little too miserable warm to play at the park, we’ll fill this thing with water and splash around for hours. We’ll practice putting our head under and blowing bubbles, and Piper is currently obsessed with bringing all the leaves in it too.

2 | Swimming pool. We don’t have access to a real swimming pool, but we’re highly considering a membership at the Y just for this reason. Outdoor splash park, anyone!? We have some friends with neighborhood pools, so we love when we get to meet up with them.

3 | Splash pads. When you aren’t up for a pool day, a splash pad is such a fun alternative. And they’re free!

4 | Bubbles. Piper loves when we blow bubbles outside. Given, she might not fully get the concept yet and I might have caught her trying to figure out how to drink it a time or two, but blowing bubbles always gets a good set of giggles!

5 | Play at the park. We are fortunate to have so many great parks near us, and we can switch it up often. The slide still makes me a little nervous, but Piper is so brave and always wants to climb up and go down herself.

10 Outdoor Summer Activities for Toddlers10 Outdoor Summer Activities for Toddlers

6 | Chalk. We found these adorable donut and ice cream shaped chalk sticks at Target, and Piper kept trying to lick the ice cream one, haha. She’ll scribble around on the pavement, in between her pool splashing.

7 | Picnic. When we’re tired of being cooped up inside, sometimes we’ll take our meal outside and turn it into a picnic! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a blanket and a solid spread of fruit and cheerios can do the trick ;)

8 | Play in the sprinkler. Do you see a pattern, and can you tell it feels like a million degrees in South Carolina this summer!? When we feel like we’ve exhausted the baby pool but are dying to go outside, we’ll run through the sprinkler together. Piper calls it “rain, rain” ;).

9 | Take a trip to the zoo. Since we’re learning all of the different animal noises right now, it’s fun to go to the zoo and let her put a live animal with the noises. This is also a great thing to meet up and do with other moms, and get a little adult conversation time in too ;)

10 | Kick the soccer ball. This simple activity is one of our favorites. Scofield grew up playing soccer, so of course he’s completely convinced she’s going to be the most stellar soccer player. I don’t doubt it. This is such an easy way to get her energy out, too. She’d chase that soccer ball around the back yard all day, I swear.

10 Outdoor Summer Activities for Toddlers

I’d love to know what your favorite outdoor toddler activities are!

Thank you to terminix services, inc. for sponsoring today’s post. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

First Ice Cream Cone

July 6, 2017

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First Ice Cream 1First Ice Cream 6First Ice Cream 7First Ice Cream 8First Ice Cream 9

While we were at the beach last week we took Piper our for her very first ice cream cone. This girl loves breads, muffins, etc. but we don’t do a lot of desserts. When she had cake at her first birthday party, she looked confused and then spit it out, so I wasn’t sure how she was going to feel about ice cream. When we ordered the ice cream cone she didn’t even reach for it or pay attention to it because she had no idea what it was, ha. Part of me felt like, ‘oh no, we are ruining her do we really want to do this.’ But the other part of me knows that she would eventually eat ice cream and it’s a delicious treat that I knew would be a fun adventure to experience together. Plus, I want to teach her that all things fit in moderation.

We got two cones to share, a strawberry and a vanilla. She’s a strawberry feign, so I thought she would love that one the most, but she was all about the vanilla.

Can’t wait for more ice cream adventures!

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