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Beach Packing List

June 27, 2017

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WIDE BRIM STRAW HAT // My only hope for any tan in my life is via spray tan. My skin is so fair and burns so easily, so I am all about sun protection these days. I love this one or this one hat for the beach. So cute, but also serves a very important purpose of protecting your face from harmful UV rays.

TASSLE EARRINGS // I am obsessed with these tassle earrings. It is taking so much self control to not order them in every color. They are perfect for dinner out, or they are so fun to wear on the beach! They are so much lighter than any other tassle earrings I have ever tried, and you can’t even feel them on.

MAUI JIM SUNGLASSES // I love my pair of maui jim sunglasses. I’ve always been one to snag a pair of cheap sunglasses, but these are so worth the investment. If you’re going to be out in the sun, especially on the water where sunlight is reflecting, I highly recommend something polarized.

THE LIGHT WE LOST BOOK // I always take an easy read to the beach. Something you don’t have to focus too much on (it is vacation after all!), and that is fun to read. I’ve heard if you loved the movie ‘One Day’ with Anne Hathaway, that you’ll love this book. I saw that movie in college when I was engaged, and ended the movie crying hysterically. I probably have to be careful with this book, but I’ve heard good things!

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL EGG CREAM MASK // Being in the sun can really dry out your skin, and this mask replaces moisture like no other. Love to add it to my regimen when I’m at the beach.

BLACK RUFFLE SUIT // I can’t get enough ruffles lately, and find myself gravitating towards all suits black.

STRAW BEACH TOTE // I love the selection at Target. Super affordable and great quality (in my opinion). My beach bag is currently going on year 3 and good as new.

COOLA SPF 30 SETTING SPRAY // I normally go to the beach bare faced, but if I’m going to put on any makeup I have to have a setting spray if I have any hope of keeping it in on my face during the day. Whether I’m wearing makeup or not, I use this setting spray as sunscreen for my face. My skin is so sensitive and easily gets oily or breaks out with sunscreen. I love that this provides the protection, but is easy and light on my skin.

There you have it, my beach packing list for a fun, stylish, sun-protected beach vacation!

The Importance of Getting Away With Your Spouse

June 16, 2017

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The Importance of Getting Away With your Spouse | lovelolablog.comThe Importance of Getting Away With your Spouse | lovelolablog.comThe Importance of Getting Away With your Spouse | lovelolablog.comThe Importance of Getting Away With your Spouse | lovelolablog.comThe Importance of Getting Away With your Spouse |

Dress: Goodnight Macaroon | Sunglasses: Le Spec | Earrings: Hart | Lips: Stila in ‘Patina’ | Hair products: Wilson’s on Washington

There’s no doubt about it, marriage is tough. I remember as a young 20 year old, newly engaged, looking at my mom and telling her “Scofield and I will never fight.” ha!!!! So young. So naive. As hard as marriage is, though, it gets better and better as the days and years go by. We are 5 years in, and I’ve never been more in love with him.

Whether it’s a smooth or bumpy season, we’ve learned a few tricks over the years that have made all the difference in our relationship.

One non-negotiable is that we take a trip away 4x/year (so, once a quarter). Now that we have Piper, they aren’t always by ourselves, but we make two trips just the two of us. Taking one of those trips at our anniversary in May, and another one around my birthday in November has worked really well for us. Even if we run out of time, or can’t fit a full getaway into our budget, we’ll opt for an overnight staycation at a fun hotel or airnb. The goal is to get out of the house, just the two of us, and really focus on each other and our marriage.

We recently spent our anniversary out on the lake and spent upward of our 48 hours away on the screened in porch. We both came home refreshed, re-energized, and united.

It can be hard to make time to get away, but it’s worth every ounce of energy. Here are some tips that have helped us commit to, and get the most out of our getaways…

1 | Plan ahead. We are so bad about planning things last minutes, but have found its so much easier when we plan ahead. We’ve been trying to look at the entire year before us and pick a date and place well in advance. It gives us something to look forward to, and keeps us committed!

2 | Find childcare. I had so much guilt the first time I left Piper, but it ended up being so good for both us and her. She had the best time with her grandparents, they loved having her, and we loved getting a break ;). As hard as it can be to leave Piper, I firmly believe it helps me be a better mom.

3 | Come with an agenda. This one might not be for everyone, but we always come with a list of things to discuss regarding our marriage, personal growth, and family. Areas we feel like we need to improve, goals we’d like to set, and action steps to get there. This might sound a little exhausting, and in some ways it is ;), but its worth the return.

4 | Make room for spontaneity. Even though we have a list of things we want to make sure we talk about, we make sure to leave part of our trip unplanned. This allows us to decide if we’re in the mood for going to dinner, eating in, watching a movie, or sleeping in, etc.

5 | Embrace adventure. One of the values for our family is “adventure.” We love to take trips, go on hikes, explore our town, and its a value we want to teach Piper. We have a ‘bucket list,’ so to speak, of places we’d like to visit and trips we’d like to take. This aspect of adventure makes allows us to create memories we’ll never forget and cherish together forever.

I hope this is helpful! I’d love to hear about your favorite getaways!!

Gift Guide for Father’s Day

June 15, 2017

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Gift Guide For Father's Day | Love Lola

1 | 2 |  3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Some gift ideas for your men this father’s day. I had so much fun scouring gifts. Scofield never buys anything for himself, so I love any special chance I have to get him something. So looking forward to celebrating him this weekend. Happy father’s day weekend ahead!

My Favorite White Top for Summer

June 9, 2017

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White Top | Love LolaWhite Top | Love LolaWhite Top | Love LolaWhite Top | Love LolaWhite Top | Love LolaWhite Top | Love LolaWhite Top | Love LolaWhite Top | Love Lola

Top: J.O.A. | Jeans: Articles of Society | Shoes: Marc Fisher | Purse

I hope you’ve had a great week! I am so ready for the weekend, and looking forward to spending it with some friends and family. Scofield and I are going on a date tonight to celebrate our 5th anniversary (celebration part 2!), and I can’t wait. We are finally getting around to going to a cute little restaurant here in Greenville that we have literally been trying to make happen for a year in a half. We had reservations for my birthday when I was 9 months pregnant with Piper, but I went into labor so we obviously weren’t able to go. We’ve trie to make it happen a couple other times, but something else always seemed to get in the way, or we weren’t in the mood, etc. So finally we are going!! Babysitter is booked, and mama can’t wait!

This little top is perfect for a casual date night. I also love wearing it with denim shorts and sandals. The fit is so flattering, and you can’t help but feel amazing when you put it on.

Happy weekend friends!

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