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One Room Challenge: Living Room Week Three

April 20, 2017

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One Room Challenge - Bohemian Modern Living Room

It’s week three of the one room challenge, and this week I’m feeling the crunch! This week I’m sharing with you guys one of my many mood boards for our living room. I have gone back and forth back and forth so many times on the couch and the art work in here, that it’s all starting to blur together. If there’s one thing that designing a room teaches me, it’s that I am overwhelmingly indecisive…maybe don’t ask Hayden about this ;).

This week I had the most fabulous meeting with Hayden, and we moved things around, shopped my house, and chatted all things interior design. What was probably suppose to be a one hour morning meeting went well into the afternoon. I joke with Hayden that after working with me every other client will feel like a piece of cake.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from Hayden so far, it’s that you can mix and match design styles and colors to your hearts content. She has really helped me marry all of my different design spouses.  I do feel like I’ve learned, though, that out of all the design styles, I bleed bohemian modern. Give me all the modern all day every day, but give me those boho vibes to warm it up. I also really love pink and blue. My wedding was pink and blue, Piper’s nursery is pink and blue, and my living room is going to be… guessed it, pink and blue!


Anywho, I have a lot planned for this week and can’t wait to share more next week! Be sure to check out all of the other participant’s progress in the One Room Challenge, here!

What Every New Mom Really Needs

April 16, 2017

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Kiley Lauren Photography

I’ve teamed up with my friends over at Terminix today to talk about motherhood, specifically those days and weeks right after baby is born. It’s something that I don’t think gets talked about enough, which in turn can leave many moms feeling down, lonely, and overwhelmed. Fortunately, I had a really lovely postpartum recovery period with Piper (strange, I know), but the anxiety for me set in around month 3. As Scofield and I think and dream about what our family could look like in the future, I can’t help but wonder how those recovery months after another baby will be with two or more little ones to care for. I realized it’s something I never shared on my blog, so I thought I would chime in my two cents on what every mom really needs after baby…

Kiley Lauren Photography

Food. If you think a pregnant mama is crazy about food, try a breastfeeding mama ;). My cravings were almost just as strong during the first month or so of nursing, and I felt like I was hungry around the clock. But then of course the last thing I wanted to think about doing was preparing food. Whether you pop by with fresh baked cookies or an entire dinner, this small act will be met with so much gratitude. A friend set up a meal schedule for us, and I remember feeling so loved and cared for when friends provided dinner.

Coffee. Lots of coffee. All the coffee. So much coffee. I still remember when one of my best friends showed up at the hospital the morning after Piper was born with a fresh starbucks latte. I had been up all night and the last thing I wanted was hospital coffee. If it wasn’t for my disheveled body at the moment, I would have jumped out of that bed and given her a big giant hug. No no mama will ever say no to a cup of coffee.

Cleaning Service. Whether this is a deep cleaning indoors, or pest control outdoors, it is so helpful to know that all of your house needs are being met. With figuring out how to be a new mom and feeding a baby around the clock, there’s little energy for much else. Yet, is so refreshing to be able to bunker down in a fresh, clean house. When it comes to “cleaning,” don’t forget to think about the outdoors as well. Piper was born in the winter, so we weren’t outdoors much those early days, but I imagine with a spring or summer baby it would be wonderful to be able to sit on the porch, or outside on a blanket, without having to worry about ants or mosquitos. Terminix provides so many wonderful services for a pest free backyard, which you can learn more about here.

Company. Even though I’m an introvert, it’s amazing what just having another ‘body’ around can do for my peace of mind. I remember loving having my mom in the house, hanging out in the background, there to listen or help if I needed her. Just the simple presence of a loved one can seriously help to prevent loneliness and overwhelm for a new mama.

A massage. This one might be a little high maintenance, but a postpartum massage does wonders. Maybe it’s because I’m a physical touch junkie, but having an hour to get pampered and rest in between feedings is such a treat. Motherhood is full of so much joy, but can also be so very hard. I truly believe that having that time to mentally and physically rejuvenate makes all the difference in the world.

Kiley Lauren Photography

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since this motherhood gig, it’s that raising a family truly takes a village. Whether it’s a text of encouragement, a warm meal, or a thoughtful gift, every little act kindness gets us through that newborn fog.

This post is in partnership with Terminix Service, Inc., but all content and opinions are my own.

photos by kiley lauren photography

Caviar and Bananas

March 10, 2017

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Caviar and Bananas | Love LolaCaviar and Bananas | Love LolaCaviar and Bananas | Love LolaCaviar and Bananas | Love LolaCaviar and Bananas | Love LolaCaviar and Bananas | Love LolaCaviar and Bananas | Love LolaCaviar and Bananas | Love LolaCaviar and Bananas | Love LolaCaviar and Bananas | Love LolaCaviar and Bananas | Love LolaCaviar and Bananas | Love LolaCaviar and Bananas | Love LolaCaviar and Bananas | Love LolaCaviar and Bananas | Love Lola

Top: Tobi c/o (on sale!)| Jeans: Articles of Society | Heels: Shoemint (old, similar) |Lips: Colourpop

Greenville has really upped the anty on their coffee situation. It’s about time I updated my “6 Must Visit Coffee Shops in Greenville” post. It’s more like…12 now!! I am recently loving Caviar and Bananas. The decor is on point, the cappucinos are delicious, and their food is out of this world. It’s the perfect little spot to grab a cup of coffee and get some work done, or meet girlfriends for salads or sandwiches, and a glass of wine in the evening. If you live in Greenville, you must check them out! And if you’re local to Charleston, they have a location there as well.

Caviar and Bananas
1 N. Laurens Street
Greenville, SC 29602

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*photos by jessi nichols photography

Piper at 15 Months

February 22, 2017

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Piper at 15 months

jessi nichols photography

It’s amazing how much Piper has grown and changed in just the last few months. Her vocabulary has expanded tremendously, and she is communicating more and more. She signs milk, all done, please, dog, and more. She says mama, dada, thank you, papa, naenae (aka “grandma”), ball, baby, night night, hi, bye, dog, uh-oh and no. She walks, or runs rather, can point to a few different body parts, and can make a couple of animal noises.

She loves her baby dolls. I think one of my favorite moments was watching her pull down a dish towel from the oven, wrap her baby doll in it like a blanket, and then carry it around and rock her, just like we have always done with her. It’s amazing to me how much she seems to understand and how much she is learning at this point.

As far as meal time is concerned, fruit is, of course, a big hit. She loves bananas, applesauce, and particularly berries…all the berries. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries…any variety really. She eats a lot of greek yogurt, avocado, and sweet potato. She’s just started eating broccoli, but she hates eggs. Getting her to drink milk has also been a struggle, which I think in large part is related to the fact that she is still nursing. That girl signs “milk” at me and wants to nurse I try to keep nursing just to the morning and the evening, but I am quickly realizing that fully weaning her is going to be rough.

She’s decided to start expressing her independence around mealtime and throws the food she’s not interested in on the floor. She’s also started throwing tantrums, which is a whole new category for us (send tips, or help, anything…). I’ve honestly felt a little lost in how to handle and parent through them. So we’re definitely learning a lot more as parents through this stage.

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