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Wilson’s on Washington With Alterna Hair

June 5, 2017

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After I had Piper, my hair went through a major self destruction discovery period. Postpartum was rough on my locks. I lost so much hair, and it started to become dull and brittle. I quickly realized my drugstore shampoo was not going to cut it anymore, and it was time to invest in some quality hair products. I switched to a couple higher end shampoos, conditioners, masks, and serums that worked wonders on my hair.

The Alterna Caviar Collection has been on my list of products to try for quite some time. I was so excited to get to spend an afternoon at Wilson’s on Washington to finally try them out. I started off talking to my hair dresser, Taylor, about my hair so she could decide on the best products to use. Since I use a fair amount of heat styling on my hair, and have had a lot of trouble with breakage in the past, she decided on the Caviar Repair Instant Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner. It has strand building proteins that help repair damaged hair, so not only is it preventative, it’s restorative as well! We paired it with the Caviar Style Luxe Shape which might just be my new favorite styling product. It is so smooth and lightweight, that it doesn’t even feel like anything is in your hair. You can put it in wet hair before styling to help protect from heat and smooth your hair, or you can let your hair air dry and it’ll help tame fly aways. My hair isn’t naturally curly, nor naturally straight (I call it ‘naturally confused’), so this product really helps manage any frizziness. Not to mention it leaves my hair feeling like silk.

There are so many wonderful Alterna Haircare products, depending on exactly what your needs are. I’m also hoping to try the Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner in the future as well.

Taylor was so helpful in teaching me not only about the products she was using, but about the type of hair I have as well. My experience at Wilson’s on Washington was tailored perfectly to my hair needs and was such a wonderful experience. I left feeling pampered, and completely refreshed. The salon is absolutely beautiful, and everyone is so friendly. I highly recommend it if you are in need of a hair cut, color, or blow out. I already can’t wait to be back!

Wilson’s on Washington
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794 E Washington St.
Greenville, SC 29601

Piper at 18 Months

June 1, 2017

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Piper at 18 Months | Love Lola BlogPiper at 18 Months | Love Lola BlogPiper at 18 Months | Love Lola Blog

How is this girl already 18 months old!? It’s been a  year in a half with her, but it already feels like a lifetime. What was life before her? She is such a light, and keeps us laughing all day long.

I will say though….18 months has been tough. At times it feels like I’ve been in the process of fully weaning her, and she hasn’t taken it well. Which means I haven’t taken it well either. She’s has been falling apart over it, which just breaks my heart. I think we are over the hump though, and every day gets easier…for the most part.


Piper has quite the appetite and hasn’t had too much trouble trying new foods, thank goodness. We introduced her to crackers recently, and when she’s hungry she chants “cracker, cracker” which sounds more like “dada, dada.” ha. A girl after my own heart. She’s finally warmed up to broccoli, she’ll eat fish when we call it chicken, and she’ll devour any and every fruit.


Just like me, this girl loves some sleep. She had a week or so where she was sleeping until 10!? I was worried at first, but figured it was just a phase so I welcomed the extra quiet in the morning. Lately she’s been going down at 7:30 and sleeping until 8:00 or so. She’ll go down for her afternoon nap at 1, and on a good day sleep until 4 pm. One thing’s become certain, and that’s that she has to have her blanket to fall asleep at night.


It was probably around 17 months, she was taking a bath and kept pointing to her bottom. I held her on the toilet just to see if she’d respond, and she used the bathroom in the potty for the first time! She has yet to do it again, and sometimes I’ll point to the toilet and she’ll exclaim “no.” Watch us be the last ones to potty train now ;)

Her favorite game is “Where’s Piper,”….where she covers her face or hides behind a chair, or table or curtain and yells “Where’s Piper!!” It’s my favorite too. She loves to sing and dance, and often points to our bluetooth speaker and asks, “dance, dance?” When we sing her to sleep at night, if we stop even for a second, she signs and says “more, more.” She’ll watch Clifford on weekends or when we’re in a pinch and really need to keep her occupied. She loves it. So now she refers to TV’s as “dog.” haha. I just love seeing her little personality pop out.

photos by sophie brindle photography

Strawberry Picking

May 22, 2017

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Strawberry Picking 27Strawberry Picking 13Strawberry picking…it’s an 18 month old’s paradise. Getting to actually put in their mouth and eat what they pick up from the ground outside!? Score! ;) Piper definitely thought she hit the jackpot with this afternoon activity.

It was so fun watching her figure out what to do..she caught on so fast! And this little lady does not discriminate when it comes to strawberries. The overly ripe, unripe, white, and mushy, she wanted them all. Ha. We went strawberry picking for the first time with her last year on mother’s day weekend, when she was about 6 months old. Now that she’s older and we knew she’d love it, we went for mother’s day again this year. I think it’s becoming a tradition for our mother’s day weekend, and I absolutely adore it. See more of our afternoon after the jump!

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Anniversary Gift Ideas

May 18, 2017

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anniversary gift ideaslaurenandscofield-52laurenandscofield-217

It is so hard to believe Scofield and I are celebrating five years of marriage this weekend. I remember feeling like our wedding day was never going to come, and now I’ve blinked and we’ve been married 5 years!

I feel like we’re at the point where we’ve had enough anniversaries that I’ve really gotten a handle for what gifts he loves to receive, and what gives I also love to receive ;). These 5 years have also taught me that I am extremely high maintenance when it comes to birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, pregnancies, etc (whoops). Summer is a pretty popular season for wedding anniversaries, so I thought it would be a good time to share with you guys some of our favorite gift ideas! Some of these have been great gifts that we have given each other, and others are wishful thinking ;). If you have any other suggestions, please share! I’d love to hear those as well!!


Pest Control // So romantic, right!? But really… isn’t it the least romantic things that become the most romantic things the longer you are married ;). I don’t know about your yard, but we get so so many fire ant hills in our yard in the summer. I know it bothers Scofield as much as it bothers me, so instead of begging him to constantly make sure our yard is ant free, I love the idea of hiring Terminix to take care of it for us. It’s a gift both parties can benefit from :)

Cut the grass // It speaks mounds of love to me when I come home and the house is clean. Why not speak his language and “clean the yard” so to speak, when he’s away? What a special surprise to knock that off his list for the weekend … and bonus points: plan something special for the two of you to do in place of the time he would have been cutting the grass.

Dinner for two // This one would probably typically be under a girl’s list, but Scofield is the talker in our family and the quality time junkie. He loves deep conversation over dinner like I like a quiet massage. Ha.

Ask him his perfect date, then plan it // Can you tell quality time is my husband’s love language? I do love focusing more on experiences and sentimental gifts at our anniversary versus materialistic items, and this is a great way to give just that.

Cooking class // I use to love cooking, but Scofield is much better at it than I am, which is why this is listed under ‘for him.’ But this could also be a perfect gift ‘for her’ too. Sub out the regular date night restaurant for a dinner you learn about and prepare yourself. Love how this one spices things up.


A massage // Obviously!! This is 100% hands down my love language. I am a physical touch junkie, and there is not much that makes me happier than a fabulous massage. Bonus points: make it a whole spa day experience.

Flowers // So simple, yet they mean so much. As cliche as it is, you can never go wrong with flowers!

Weekend getaway // Did I mention I was a little high maintenance? ;) But really, I am a firm believer in the importance of getting away with your spouse. Scofield and I have a goal of taking a trip 4x/year, whether it’s a night away or a week away. We definitely try to make one of these trips around our anniversary, and when he takes the initiative to plan and make it happen, it means so much.

Handwritten note // Once again, such a simple thing, yet it means the world. We have a drawer of letters we wrote to each other when we were dating long distance, and now that we’re married and around each other all the time, it’s something we can forget to do. An anniversary is a great opportunity to bring that pen and paper back out and remind your spouse all the reasons you love and appreciate them.

House projects // With my personality, my mind is constantly running through a list of what I need to get done (as are most women, I am sure!). Honestly, I would be perfectly happen with having some of those items taken off my mental list. What a gift! Whether that is pest control with Terminix for that sneaky mouse you can’t seem to get rid of (not that that happened to us or anything…), or finally putting the finishing touches on the kitchen tiling project, this one will not go unnoticed. Seriously…for mother’s day I asked that we finally put grout in our kitchen (three years after tiling!!!). And the kitchen is  nowgrouted and I am happy as a clam.

Perfume // I love the idea of having your spouse pick out your scent. After all, you’re wearing it for them, just as much as you are for yourself. If Scofield loves it, then I will too. Better yet, go pick it out together and make a date of it!

There you have it! My take on the perfect anniversary gifts. I hope this was helpful, and if you have any other gifts that have been a hit over the years, please share!

*photos by jessi nichols photography for our anniversary two years ago.

This post is in partnership with Terminix Services, Inc. but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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