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Our Fall Bucket List

September 23, 2018

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Fall Bucket List |

Fall is here, and I am bursting at the seems with excitement. When the air is crisp and fresh, it feels like such an opportunity for a fresh start, to press the reset button. I love putting together a little fall bucket list every year to create a sense of adventure in our family, and fully enjoy the season and all it has to offer! Here’s what you’ll find on our bucket list this fall:

Fall Bucket List |

1. Have a fall picnic outdoors

We had such a fun time doing this last year, when you can finally be outside for more than 5 minutes without dripping in sweat. We make it a goal to get outside every single day, to promote adventure, and for my sanity, so we’re often taking a blanket and our food to the yard at lunchtime. But what’s really special is when we can get to the park, and Dad can come along! Bring some games or a soccer ball to really make it a fun evening.

Fall Bucket List |

2. Bake fall goodies

I love baking anything and everything in the cooler months. When we go apple picking, I plan to use the apples to bake an apple pie. We’re also big fans of pumpkin bread and muffins, spiced granola, and pumpkin cookie cutters, as well! But I think my favorite part is how cozy and yummy it allmakes the house smell.

If you’re really in for a treat, give my most popular recipe (and our family’s favorite) a try – savory pumpkin pizza! It really is my favorite pizza ever.

Fall Bucket List |

3. Make a pumpkin flavored smoothie

This kind of goes along with baking, but Piper is such a smoothie lover that it had to have a category all it’s own. She calls them a “smoobie” and requests one often.

4. Do a fall craft with the kids

I hope to make some fall banners out of construction paper with Piper for the playroom. I’d also love to paint pumpkins with her! I plan to hop on pinterest and come up with some fun ideas.

Fall Bucket List |

5. Decorate the front porch

Nothing makes it feel more like fall than coming home to pumpkins and mums on the front porch! It makes my heart so happy. I love the fantasy pumpkins in soft shades of orange, gray, and white. We pick ours up from trader joe’s!

6. Put up a fall wreath

I have done a magnolia wreath in the past, but I am leaning towards a wheat wreath this year! I love adding a wreath to signal a new season. I typically stick one on our front door and the door in our kitchen.

Fall Bucket List |

7. Carve a pumpkins + have a bonfire

Every year we get together with our whole family and eat chili, sit by the bonfire, and carve pumpkins. It’s the most delightful evening and I look forward to it every year!

8. Light fall candles

Currently in our house we have the Anthropologie pumpkin candle going. It fills the entire house with the smell of pumpkins and is so strong, in the best way. I also love Lindbergh candle co (my favorites are ‘cabin’ and ‘lumberjack’) and I’ve been wanting to try Candelles!

Fall Bucket List |

9. Bundle up and go for walk outside

Fall Bucket List |

10. Drink a pumpkin spice latte

So cliche, but I really do love them! I have to have at least one during the season! ;)

A few other things on my list… go for a ride through the mountains to see the leaves change, go apple picking, and make a big pot of chili. But, at the top of my list, is just getting outside. With the help of Terminix, we’ll really get to enjoy the changing season in a pest-free, kid-friendly backyard!

What’s on your family’s bucket list!?

This post is in partnership with Terminix Services, Inc., but all opinions are my own.

Transitioning to Life with Two

July 18, 2018

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Welcome a new little one into our family has brought more joy than I ever could have imagined, and more tears than I could have imagined, too ;). For me, transitioning from one to two children was (and still is) challenging. With one child, I was still able to hold onto a bit of my freedom, my sense of self. I could multi-task like no other; clean the house while playing hide and seek while cooking dinner while doing my makeup. Just kidding, I wouldn’t do that much, but you get the drift. Then, our precious Fields came along, and the amount I was able to accomplish in a day became… FEED THE LITTLE PEOPLE AND KEEP EVERYONE ALIVE. And maybe get them dressed…maybe.

Those first few weeks with two are SUCH a blur. If I didn’t have picture documentation, I might not believe it even happened!

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Tips for Preventing A Picky Eater

June 22, 2018

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How to Prevent Picky Eating |

Picky eating is so common in toddlers, and something I see daily at work. As a pediatric dietitian by day, I spend a lot of time with picky eaters and have been able to apply what I teach moms and families at work to my family at home. We’ve seen a lot of improvement in our picky eating, so I wanted to share my tips and tricks here with you guys as well!

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Fields’ Newborn Pictures

June 11, 2018

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I can’t believe it’s already been 11 weeks since our little love joined us. How!? Time flies by and is such a thief. He already is so much bigger and looks SO different. There are moments he and Piper look like twins at this age, and other times they look totally different. For a while we said he was Piper with brown hair, but now he’s looking more and more like his own little person. I’ve always said that Piper looks and acts like her Daddy, and Fields’ looks, and I think will act, more like me ;) A mama’s boy!

My fabulous friend Sophie was going to take pictures for us at his birth, but since she didn’t make it to the birth (read his birth story here), we had her come take newborn pictures for us, and I’m so glad we did! I know I will cherish these pictures forever. Plus, I need proof to know that the newborn stage actually happened because those first few weeks are all a blur and I pretty much don’t even remember them ;), haha.

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