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Piper’s First Birthday Party

January 4, 2017

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A Winter Pink and Gold First Birthday Party | Love LolaA Winter Pink and Gold First Birthday Party | Love LolaA Winter Pink and Gold First Birthday Party | Love LolaOne thing I do not think I will ever master is baking cakes. I can’t tell you how many cakes I have tried to make, and how many of them have turned out bad. Okay I can… all of them! The taste of this was wasn’t terrible, but of course I underestimated the amount of powdered sugar I would need for icing and ran out midway through icing it. So I decided to go for the ‘naked cake’ look ;). I think i’ll outsource the cake next time, ha.A Winter Pink and Gold First Birthday Party | Love LolaA Winter Pink and Gold First Birthday Party | Love LolaA Winter Pink and Gold First Birthday Party | Love LolaA Winter Pink and Gold First Birthday Party | Love LolaA Winter Pink and Gold First Birthday Party | Love LolaA Winter Pink and Gold First Birthday Party | Love LolaA Winter Pink and Gold First Birthday Party | Love LolaA Winter Pink and Gold First Birthday Party | Love LolaA Winter Pink and Gold First Birthday Party | Love LolaA Winter Pink and Gold First Birthday Party | Love LolaI just knew she was going to dive into her cake, and love it. But she hated it!! She took a bite and spit it out. A Winter Pink and Gold First Birthday Party | Love LolaThis is her saying “all done!”A Winter Pink and Gold First Birthday Party | Love LolaA Winter Pink and Gold First Birthday Party | Love LolaA Winter Pink and Gold First Birthday Party | Love LolaSweater: Tobi, c/o | Piper’s dress: Cat and Jack | Piper’s sweater: Cat and Jack

I’m finally getting around to sharing pictures from Piper’s first birthday party. I had so much fun putting together her party, and loved celebrating our girl alongside close friends and family. She was born the week of Thanksgiving, so I had plans to go for a ‘fall theme,’ but we didn’t get a chance to celebrate until the following week, due to the holidays. So instead, I went for a ‘wintry’ theme. I didn’t want it to turn into a Christmas theme, so I opted for pinks, golds, and greenery.

I will always jump at a chance to match with my little girl, and of course couldn’t miss an opportunity on her birthday ;). I fell in love with this little pink tutu dress for Piper. Babies in tutus…I’ll never get enough! I wore this sweater from Tobi to match her, and to go along with the pink theme.

It was a special day for our special girl. Happy Birthday, Piper Rose! You are our bright ray of sunshine, and we love you so much!!

My Baby is One!

November 22, 2016

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First Birthday | Love Lola First Birthday | Love Lola8a2ff3921r6a0548First Birthday | Love LolaFirst Birthday | Love Lola First Birthday | Love Lola First Birthday | Love Lola First Birthday | Love LolaFirst Birthday | Love LolaFirst Birthday | Love Lola First Birthday | Love LolaFirst Birthday | Love LolaFirst Birthday | Love LolaFirst Birthday | Love Lola

How is our little nugget one already!? She has grown and changed so much in the past year, and I have loved looking back on all of her teeny tiny baby pictures this past week. I have been all kinds of emotional (more so than usual), and find myself thinking about Piper’s delivery (which you can read HERE) and our first few weeks with her when I’m falling asleep at night. It feels like forever ago, but also like it was just yesterday. If I think hard enough, I can feel all the emotions and smell and the smells from those first few weeks of her life. Weird? Maybe. I’ve loved how every stage carries it’s own joys and adventures, and life with our Piper girl just keeps getting better and better.

At 12 months, she can say “mama” “mooooom” “dada” “dog” “uh-oh” and “thank you.” Whenever she hands us her toys we always say “thank you!” So now, when she hands anything to anyone, she immediately says “thank you.” It’s seriously the cutest thing ever. She just started taking steps, and will take 3-4 steps at one time. It’s definitely not her preferred method of transportation, and at this point she would still rather crawl everywhere. She can sign “more” and “dog” (sometimes), but will not sign “please” for the life of her. She loves bananas, avocado, and sweet potatoes, and is still not a fan of broccoli or cauliflower…we’ll get there ;). She really is the happiest baby and waves hi and bye to every one! We feel so lucky to call her our own, and unbelievably grateful that we have been given the gift of raising and loving her.

Happy Birthday Piper Rose! We love you!!!!

Piper’s Nursery Reveal

November 10, 2016

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www.jessinicholsphotography.comI am so so very excited to be sharing Piper’s finished nursery with you guys today! She turns one in less than a month, and it only took us one year to finally complete it ;). So happy to have been joining in on the One Room Challenge, which gave me the final push I needed to pull all the details together. And I love how it turned out, so it was worth the wait!

When I started planning the room, I knew I wanted it to be bright and colorful, which I think it’s safe to say we achieved. The nursery definitely fits Piper’s personality, which is also bright and colorful and full of light. She is our bright ray of sunshine and we love her so! Now, onto the good stuff… pictures of the big reveal!www.jessinicholsphotography.comBecause I always opt for white white white (I’m working on this) I knew I wanted to bring in wood tones, along with other pops of color, to warm up the room. The walls, dresser, and crib are all white, so I picked honeycomb shelves to style above the changing table and we stained them to match the floors and this side table from land of^ Little shoes from when I was a baby, and a pink wooden car from Denmark, given to Piper before she was born by her Aunt Janie. I love the special, sentimental touches in her room.www.jessinicholsphotography.comI searched high and low for the perfect rocker, and finally settled on this nursery works rocker in pebble. I love how wide it is, making it easy to curl up or spread out, and I especially love the price point. It’s a classic grey that could go with any nursery design, and an item we’ll definitely recycle into other nurseries down the^ This rug is literally one of my favorite pieces the house. It was the first piece I bought for her room and what I based the rest of the design around. I originally thought I’d opt for a neutral color scheme, but I found this rug and nope! I was 100% sold on pink!www.jessinicholsphotography.comwww.jessinicholsphotography.comwww.jessinicholsphotography.comwww.jessinicholsphotography.comwww.jessinicholsphotography.comwww.jessinicholsphotography.comIf you’re wondering what stuffed animal to buy for your babies, GET a jellycat bunny. They are so soft and Piper is literally obsessed with hers. She was never attached to any of her stuffed animals until she got this little guy.^ Madeline was my faaaavorite book growing up. I love having a copy in her nursery and getting to share it with my baby^ She’s entered a snuggle phase out of nowhere, and I am soaking in every second of it!^ Trying to convince her she’s ready to walk …. she’s not convinced ;)

Thank you so much to Linda from Calling it Home for hosting the One Room Challenge. I have loved seeing all of the beautiful, finished rooms. Be sure to head to the link up, here, to see all of the blogger’s rooms.

*All pictures by Jessi Nichols Photography

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Our Bedtime Routine

October 24, 2016

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Piper has always been a great sleeper. She slept through the night from about 2 months, and just woke up in the middle of the night for the first time at 11 months when she was sick. While she sleeps through the night great, the hard part has always been getting her to fall asleep. Seriously, that girl, as stubborn as they come. When we finally started incorporating a bedtime routine with her, we noticed she started going down better and better. Now, when we can go through our routine and put her down in her crib, she’ll go right to sleep…most of the time ;).

1 | Dinner – We normally serve Piper dinner around 4:45/5 o’clock. She still breastfeeds pretty often, so we’ll feed her solids about an hour after she nurses in the afternoon. She loves sweet potatoes, avocado, blueberries, and banana. She doesn’t love butternut squash, cauliflower, or broccoli. We just started giving her yogurt, and so far it’s not a hit either. I’m just as stubborn as she is though and will keep giving her the foods she rejects to help her build a palette for them. We’re also working on getting her to use a sippy cup. She mostly just loves to throw it around right now. We have this boon high chair and love it. It’s easy to move around and easy to clean (always a plus!).

2 | Bath time – Scofield does bath time most nights. It’s a nice break for me, and a good time for them to be together since Scofield is at work all day. I swear I can get more done during her bath time than I can get done in the whole day! Piper loves the bath so much. We have lots of different bath toys that keep her occupied, like this set from baby cubby. When Piper was teeny, we used (and loved!) this 4Mom’s infant tub. Now we just use a mat to keep her from slipping all over the place.

3 | PJ’s, etc. – After her bath, Scofield brushes her hair, changes her diaper, and puts her in her PJ’s. Sometimes we do lotion, and I also love to put this Honest Co. breathe easy rub on her chest. Even if she doesn’t need it, it smells amazing and I think it’s really soothing!

4 | Reading – Scofield is also the preferred reader in the house. Typically, by this time of night, she’s pretty sleepy and ready for bed, so if I try to read to her she just fusses because she wants to nurse! But, boy does she love when her daddy reads her a book!

5 | Nursing, Lights Out, + Sound Machine – This is my absolute favorite part of the night. I am going to miss this time so much when she isn’t nursing anymore. We turn the lights out, turn the sound machine on, and Piper snuggles up to me while she nurses. Sometime’s she’ll touch my face with one hand and my back with her other. I’ll rub her head and sing her songs, and if I’m lucky Scofield will sit on the ottoman and massage my feet for a few minutes. A mother’s paradise!! When Piper was a little baby, I used this nursing pillow to nurse her, which made it so much more comfortable. Now, she’s like a little monkey and will sometimes climb all over me while she eats, ha.

6 | Bedtime! – Once Piper’s done nursing, around 7 pm, I put her down in her crib, kiss her on the head, and walk out. In just the last couple of months, she’ll go right to sleep with no problem. It has been a work in progress though, because for the longest time we’d rock her until she was basically asleep. She’ll usually sleep until 7:45 or 8 am the next morning.

While I’m putting her down, Scofield will start dinner. So once she’s asleep we’ll eat and usually watch a TV show. We use the summer infant video monitor to keep an eye on her, and we also love to use our owlet!

You can find all of the products we use at, which is an amazing online site that has everything you need with a baby, in one place! It’s super easy navigation, and only carries the top rated products, so you don’t have to wade through a million different products when searching online. They always price match (even amazon!!) so everything is a great deal!

A bedtime routine really has made all the difference for us! If you have a different routine with your little ones, I’d love to hear how yours!

Thank you Baby Cubby for partnering on this post!

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