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Kid’s Clothing || Our Favorite Places to Shop

March 31, 2017

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Dressing Piper has been so very fun from the beginning. I always envisioned having boys (not sure why??), so I was truly surprised when we found out we were having a girl. Once we found out though, I began looking and browsing baby girl clothing for days and have never looked back. So I wanted to share with you guys our favorite places to collect clothing for little ones!

This post will be partial to girls (sorry!!), but some of these stores can definitely apply to baby boys as well!

In case you missed it, you can see where I talked about our favorite places to shop for bows, here.

Okay, now for clothing. Let’s get to it!

Candy Kirby Designs || I’ve talked about Candy Kirby Designs before, because I love their bows. But they have the absolute cutest kid’s clothing as well. For the itty bitty babies, I love their knotted baby gowns (hello, baby fever!!). But I also can’t get over their dresses, bloomers, and little tees.

June and January || Just like Candy Kirby Designs, I love the bright colors of June and January’s pieces. In the summer you can throw their swing dress on your little one, and she’ll be dressed and cute as a bug in a jiffy. I’m also loving the tees and tank jumper.

Alice and Ames || If you are looking for the perfect little girl does, then look no further! Thee dresses are perfect by themselves for the summer, or paired with tights and a bonnet for winter. So cute! We’ll take one in every color please ;)

Childhoods Clothing || I adore the soft colors and neural designs. Not to mention the clothing is so cozy. If you are waiting to find out the gender of the baby, this is your place to shop. I love their dresses, tees, and rompers to name a few.

Crew and Lu || I’m on a major mauve kick right now, and Crew and Lu has got me covered. Also, I am dying over this linen romper.

Thief and Bandit || I love the fun, southwest designs that thief and bandit offers. There’s an adult and kid’s line, so if you’re all about being matchy matchy, look no further and thief and bandit.

Mabo Kid’s || Mabo Kid’s is a fun line for a classic, vintage look. I particularly love their pajamas. We got Piper these red polka dot ones for Christmas, and they were perfect!

Rylee and Cru || Unique, adorable, and classic. LOVE the Ryle and Cru line.

Billie Blooms || For bloomers, I love billie blooms. They are perfect paired with a little tee for warm summer days. Plus, they leave you cute chubby baby legs out in the open for squeezing and chewing on all day long.

Vann & Liv || If you’re local to Greenville, Vann & Liv has adorable clothing. You can read all about them on a post I shared, here.

Target || Have you seen their Cat & Jack line?? Seriously, so cute! It’s super affordable too. I picked up the cutest little top for Piper the other day for only $4, and it wasn’t even on sale! If you haven’t checked them out, I highly recommend.

Baby Gap || And of course, there is the classic baby gap. With sales going on often, it’s a little more budget friendly, and you can find absolutely adorable staple wardrobe pieces. When Piper was first born, we got a lot of her pants and onesies from here.

I want to mention, I am also a big fan of hand-me-downs, thrifted, and borrowed items ;).

Okay, off I go now to shop! What are your favorite kid’s clothing stores!?

*photos by jessi nichols photography

Mama + Me: Welcome, Spring!

March 22, 2017

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Mama + Me Style: Welcome, Spring | lovelolablog.comThis is by far one of my favorite outfits I have put Piper in. She just kills me in that little bonnet, polka dotted tights, and blue dress. We took these pictures on a chilly morning with my gal pal and photography genius, Jessi Nichols. I’m still not totally sure I trust Spring as to whether it’s here to stay or not. The weather has ranged from the 30’s to the 80’s in the last week, which is really no surprise for early Spring here in the South. We tend to jump fro winter to summer pretty quickly. So we are soaking up every sunny and warm day that we can get before we enter scorching heat. And in the meantime, we have our little bonnets on back up in case it decides to randomly snow on a March evening again ;).Mama + Me Style: Welcome, Spring | lovelolablog.comMama + Me Style: Welcome, Spring | lovelolablog.comMama + Me Style: Welcome, Spring | lovelolablog.comShe’s really into running these days. It’s just all over her face here, “Isn’t this great guys!? You’ve really got to try it!!”Mama + Me Style: Welcome, Spring |^ gotcha!Mama + Me Style: Welcome, Spring | lovelolablog.comMama + Me Style: Welcome, Spring | lovelolablog.comMama + Me Style: Welcome, Spring | lovelolablog.comMama + Me Style: Welcome, Spring | lovelolablog.comMama + Me Style: Welcome, Spring | lovelolablog.comMama + Me Style: Welcome, Spring | lovelolablog.comMama + Me Style: Welcome, Spring | lovelolablog.comMama + Me Style: Welcome, Spring | lovelolablog.comMama + Me Style: Welcome, Spring | lovelolablog.comMama + Me Style: Welcome, Spring | lovelolablog.comMama + Me Style: Welcome, Spring | lovelolablog.comMama + Me Style: Welcome, Spring | lovelolablog.comDress: Zara (also love this one) | Shoes: old, similar | Piper’s Dress: Liilu | Bonnet: Briar Handmade

And of course I just can’t quit the florals. I can’t help it, I guess I’m just a grandma at heart ;). Happy Spring!!

photos by jessi nichols photography

Piper at 15 Months

February 22, 2017

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Piper at 15 months

jessi nichols photography

It’s amazing how much Piper has grown and changed in just the last few months. Her vocabulary has expanded tremendously, and she is communicating more and more. She signs milk, all done, please, dog, and more. She says mama, dada, thank you, papa, naenae (aka “grandma”), ball, baby, night night, hi, bye, dog, uh-oh and no. She walks, or runs rather, can point to a few different body parts, and can make a couple of animal noises.

She loves her baby dolls. I think one of my favorite moments was watching her pull down a dish towel from the oven, wrap her baby doll in it like a blanket, and then carry it around and rock her, just like we have always done with her. It’s amazing to me how much she seems to understand and how much she is learning at this point.

As far as meal time is concerned, fruit is, of course, a big hit. She loves bananas, applesauce, and particularly berries…all the berries. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries…any variety really. She eats a lot of greek yogurt, avocado, and sweet potato. She’s just started eating broccoli, but she hates eggs. Getting her to drink milk has also been a struggle, which I think in large part is related to the fact that she is still nursing. That girl signs “milk” at me and wants to nurse I try to keep nursing just to the morning and the evening, but I am quickly realizing that fully weaning her is going to be rough.

She’s decided to start expressing her independence around mealtime and throws the food she’s not interested in on the floor. She’s also started throwing tantrums, which is a whole new category for us (send tips, or help, anything…). I’ve honestly felt a little lost in how to handle and parent through them. So we’re definitely learning a lot more as parents through this stage.

Making Time For Yourself

February 16, 2017

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Making Time for Yourself 2One thing that I have found to be essential during this season of life, and this season of the year, is finding little ways to make time for myself. Before we started growing our family, I use to talk and dream of picking up and heading out west to experience another part of the country and go  an adventure together. I’d talk about Colorado, Oregon, Seattle… maybe I was watching a little too much Grey’s Anatomy ;). But the more I’ve gotten to know myself, the more I realize maybe a long term stent away from family in a colder, cloudier place isn’t the best for me.Making Time for YourselfThis winter it has been oddly warm here in South Carolina, but typically I have to put a little extra energy into self care during the January and February months to keep those winter blues at bay. I have found that to be especially important since having a baby. This time last year was tough (another post for another day), but it helped to teach me what my mind and body need and that it is possible to care for others without fully neglecting yourself. Here are a few things that help to keep me sane and help to make me a better mother, wife, and friend….Making Time for Yourself 3

  1. Get a babysitter! Like right now. Find and book one immediately. I am so fortunate to have family close by who are always ready and waiting to babysit…well, most of the time anyway ;). Getting someone to watch and play with Piper while I do some dishes, laundry, run errands, or go for a run has made a world of difference. When there is clutter in my house, there is clutter in my mind, and I have found that the act of doing housework uninterrupted can actually be soothing for me. It’s also refreshing to get out of the house to take myself on a coffee date, go to the grocery store, or peruse target without having to manage a toddler tantrum because all she wants to do is stand up in the cart and doesn’t seem to understand why I won’t let her (fun times). I come home refreshed and with arms wide open ready to embrace the toddler running towards me at full speed ahead ;).
  2. Book a monthly spa service. I know what you’re thinking, “yeah, right.” But, I’m serious. For me, I get my eyebrows waxed monthly by an esthestician who works at a nearby salon. She makes  your eyebrow waxing a full spa experience. It’s amazing. You lie on a heated, padded, and raised massage table in a dimly lit room with essential oils and soothing music playing as she works her waxing magic. It only takes 10-15 minutes total, but they are 10-15 minutes of full bliss. She also goes the extra mile and if I have a spot on my face that needs attention she’ll treat it, and she’s always willing to answer my skin and makeup questions. Some other services that are equally soothing include getting your hair cut or colored (my hair dresser gives a head and neck massage while she washes your hair…. ahhhhhhmazing), a manicure, pedicure, eyelash extensions, or back massage. Worth.every.penny.
  3. Wake up before the kiddos. This is one I’m still working on. I am not a morning person in the least, but am trying so hard to be. When I wake up to a crying, hungry baby and immediately have to hit the ground running, my day ends up mimicking those very first moments…chaotic and crazy. When I can get up, drink a cup of coffee, and spend time reading before Piper is up, it makes the biggest difference in the world.
  4. Ladies night. I love a good ladies night. Whether it’s having friends over after Piper goes to bed, meeting up at another friend’s house, or going out for drinks, connecting with other women has been so refreshing and good for my soul.
  5. Bubble baths. This has become one of my favorite ways to end my day. I’ll grab a glass of wine (or la croix…i’m addicted!), pop on a playlist, and light a candle, and I could soak for hours. In my opinion, a bath fixes everything, which is why it’s no surprise I even loved laboring in the bath (see Piper’s birth story here).
  6. Get away overnight. The first time we left Piper with family overnight was right around her first birthday. We took the plunge and didn’t just scoot away to a hotel nearby, but instead went 9+ hours away to Florida! I was experiencing so much mom guilt and anxiety before we left, but once we settled into the groove of our vacation and my parents assured me for the hundredth time that Piper was safe and having fun with them, I was able to relax and reset. Diving straight into the deep end with getting away overnight has made other little getaways feel like a piece of cake. Once again, we have family close by and Piper loves going to their houses and even spending the night, so we welcome the help! I think it’s also really healthy for both her and us to be flexible and allow grandparents to keep her.
  7. Find a favorite coffee, favorite wine, favorite bubble bath, and favorite tv show. I found this advice from this refreshing read on Austin Mom’s Blog, here, and I couldn’t agree more (although I added in the tv show part). Just looking forward to a delicious cup of coffee when I wake up, or a glass of wine, bubble, bath, or tv show once Piper is down makes any day just a little easier to face.
  8. Use nap time to pamper yourself every once in a while. It’s so tempting to try and get an entire day’s to-do list done during nap time, but I highly recommend selfishly using nap time every once in a while. I love to make my own little mini spa at home and paint my nails, wear a face mask, wash my make up brushes, read a book, practice yoga, or take a nap myself….

For any of these to be possible, it is so important that your house feels like a home. I read a quote on a friend’s instagram, ” Home interprets heaven. Home is heaven for beginners.” And being a homebody, I couldn’t agree more. Having a home that I am constantly working on to make my own and keep clean and safe allows it to be a safe haven and a place where I can make make time for myself. Which is why I am so thankful to all the services Terminix offers to help make that possible.

I’d love to know, what are your favorite ways to make time for yourself? Do any of these resonate with you!?

This post is in partnership with Terminix Service Inc., but all content and opinions are my own.

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