Chattanooga Half

February 25, 2013

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This past weekend we spent a total of 14 hours in Chattanooga, TN. And within that 14 hours we ran a total of 13.28 miles…at once. Quite the trip, if you ask me.

That’s the crew on the right. Might I add…Andrew (Catherine’s cousin and our friend–in the yellow) won second place in the entire race. the entire race. He’s a super star.
These are memories we will keep with us for always. We enjoyed a mini road trip up to TN, ate an italian restaurant on the way down, ended up not getting to Chattanooga until 11 o’clock the night before the race, and stayed all together in an inexpensive $60/night hotel…The kind where you enter your room from the outside. And then bonded through the trial of running a half marathon together.
There is just something about running a race. You become a family with all of the runners around you. You may never even speak. But there is a silent acknowledgement that we are all in this together. And we are proud of the effort and hard work in each person. It almost makes it all worth it.
After it was all said and done, we had lunch at Niedlov’s downtown–a local eatery. We drank coffee and ate huge sandwiches to fill our hungry bellies.
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