Christmas Morning

December 30, 2013

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i remember i was in high school when christmas lost it’s magic. ya know…i wasn’t counting down the days to christmas eve anymore, i didn’t try to sneak a peek at my presents, and it just kind of came and went. it was that confusing time between being a kid and an adult, not really sure how christmas fell into all that. little did i know that the holidays were sure to get better every year. we don’t have any little ones around to wake us up at the crack of dawn, or to watch unwrap presents with all their joy and excitement [although we can’t wait for that!!], but christmas where we are now is pretty great. we stayed with our family on christmas eve and slept until 10:30 on christmas day…10:30! i can’t remember the last time i got to sleep in that late. we wandered upstairs, opened our stockings, ate breakfast, and marinated in the day. i’ve gotta say…the holidays have always been my favorite time of year and they are still pretty magical.

^ my sweet, precious sister-in-law made me this mug for christmas. it’s one of my favorite gifts from this year! i swore it was from anthropologie when i opened it…but, nope. all her! she’s pretty great.

^ scofield borrowed band of brothers from a friend a few weeks ago, and watched the whole series while i was away in new york. he had been talking about it ever since, so of course he was so excited when he got a copy of his own [thanks santa!]. we’ve been watching it the past couple of days, and wow it’s emotional, intense, and eye-opening.

and now, for my favorite gift of all…..

my new pouf!! i’ve been wanting one ever since we moved into our new place. we have a few chairs in our small living room, but you can’t really lounge in them and we’re always wanting to prop our feet up. i searched online and found one i liked, but this one is far more beautiful than i even dreamed!! seriously..i’m in love.

i hope you had a very merry christmas! now, on to the new year!

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5 thoughts on “Christmas Morning

  1. Anna

    What a gorgeous Christmas morning! And the pouf is the best. I like everything that is a little oriental and that can brighten up a room! I wish you a just as lovely New Years celebration!


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