Christmas Tree Farm

December 14, 2015

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christmas tree farm tree farm 2christmas tree 14Christmas Tree FarmChristmas Tree FarmChristmas Tree Farm^ We snagged pictures of Turner, but somehow we missed Courtney? Not sure how that happenedChristmas Tree FarmChristmas Tree Farm^ Obviously running with the trees is the most logical way to get them back to the car…Christmas Tree FarmChristmas Tree Farm^ Our little pink monster!Christmas Tree Farmtree farm 18We continued our yearly tradition with our good friends, the Vaughns, and took a day trip up to the mountains to visit the christmas tree farm! It was extra special this year because there was a baby Piper involved ;). We packed a million things and took forever to get in the car, but somehow made it out the door. We stopped by sidewall pizza for lunch, which remains top of my pizza list. It was a big day as this was really mine and Piper’s first outing since she’s been born, except for a few walks. I’m still figuring out the whole breastfeeding and diaper ordeal when out and about, but I’m sure we’ll get the hang of it soon enough. We both survived our first day out, so that’s a good start!

Oh, and we actually decorated our tree this year instead of just putting lights on it. Maybe by next year I’ll finally have stockings. Baby steps, right?

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Farm

  1. Ali

    What wonderful memories! Your daughter will love this tradition. We do a trip to a tree farm each year as well. It’s definitely a highlight. Merry Christmas!


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