Coffee Underground

February 29, 2016

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Coffee UndergroundAhhh, Coffee Underground. This little underground coffee shop will always have a special place in my heart. In high school my friends and I use to travel thirty minutes from out of town to come here and spend friday nights (real party animals, I know). And this is also where my husband asked me ‘to be more than friends’ for the first time. It took him asking a couple more times before I would finally say yes, but I will never forget that night. I tease him now by telling him I said no because he was wearing khaki cargo shorts and tennis shoes, haha. So many memories.Coffee UndergroundCoffee UndergroundCoffee UndergroundJessi Nichols PhotographyJessi Nichols Photography^ And, can we just note how bad I am at painting my nails!? Like, seriously, did a third grader do this!? Although I will admit, I did paint them while breastfeeding, so maybe I have a little bit of an excuse? ;)Coffee UndergroundcoffeeundergroundCoffee UndergroundCoffee UndergroundCoffee UndergroundCoffee UndergroundJessi Nichols PhotographyJessi Nichols Photography

Coffee Underground
1 E. Coffee St
Greenville, SC 29601

*Photos by Jessi Nichols Photography

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11 thoughts on “Coffee Underground

  1. Kristie

    I’ve been there and I love it! They have amazing coffee :) Lol my nails are always so messy, too, but usually because as soon as I do them, I accidentally touch something and mess them up. Oops!


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