Connecting + Collaborating with Other Creatives

January 18, 2018

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Connecting + Collaboration with Other Creatives |

One of my favorite blogger gal pals, Rachel, was in town recently and I was so excited to get to snag an afternoon with her. It’s so fun when you’ve built a friendship online, and then get to carry that friendship out into real life. One of my all time favorite photographers, Jessi, is a good friend of mine and photographed Rachel’s wedding (what a small world!), and hung out with us for the afternoon too!

Rachel is a super hustler, and such an inspiration to me as I watch her grow her business and create beautiful content. When she reached out to connect and collaborate, I couldn’t say yes fast enough!

Running a small online business can be many things: lonely, overwhelming, scary, stressful. That’s why it’s so so important to find those around you who understand the business side of things, support you, inspire you, and cheer you on. Plus, there’s so much you can learn from each other!

Connecting + Collaborating with Other Creatives |

Whether you run a small business, are a stay at home mom, or are exploring new hobbies, I thought I would share today my top tips for connecting and collaborating with other creatives:

1 | Connect on instagram

Instagram is such a booming business tool, and many creatives are putting a lot of energy into their profile, feed, content, etc. Taking a few moments to like and comment on someone’s picture, and following them to stay connected, seriously means the world and is the perfect first step to getting to know each other. It’s a little app with a lot of power. I’ve met a lot of amazing ladies through it!

Connecting + Collaborating with Other Creatives |

2 | Introduce yourself

Sometimes this is a quick hello in an email to introduce yourself and start a conversation. It might sound intimidating to email someone you don’t know super well, but trust me, its easier than it sounds! Think of it like networking at an event … just online! This can also be done through an instagram comment, or better yet, a direct message.

Connecting + Collaborating with Other Creatives |

3 | Schedule a meet up

Sometimes this looks like a group of bloggers getting together, other times it’s a one on one. Either way, nothing beats connecting face to face in person. You might meet up just to connect and make a new friend, talk business, or plan a collaboration together.

Connecting + Collaborating with Other Creatives |
Connecting + Collaborating with Other Creatives |

4 | Come with questions

No matter who I’m meeting with  – a client at my 9-5 job, a personal mentor, or a new blogger friend, I always try to come prepared with a list of questions in mind. If the conversation ever dulls, it’s a great backup to have up your sleeve. Plus, I’m a firm believer of getting the most out of your time and really maximizing your conversation. Maybe your new friend is amazing at graphic design (like Rachel), or a mom whose kids always seem so well behaved (tell me all your secrets!). It’s a great opportunity to learn from one another. Come prepared to to share as well.

Connecting + Collaborating with Other Creatives |
Connecting + Collaborating with Other Creatives |

5 | Plan content

Since you’re already in the business of blog shop talk, use your time to help each other prep content. This can be bringing along a photographer and shooting a few looks, and then splitting the cost. The photographer only has one session on the schedule and can edit all the photos in bulk, so it’s a win for everyone. Or, you can take each other’s pictures and build inspiration by seeing photography through someone else’s eye.

Connecting + Collaborating with Other Creatives |

And of course I can’t share a blog post without sharing some of my current favorite wardrobe pieces, like this cozy thermal top. PinkBlush is my go-to for cute maternity clothes. I have a hard time spending too much money on clothes that I know I will only be able to wear for 9 months. The prices at PinkBlush are super affordable, which makes it easier (and more sensible!) to budget for. And when you’re growing another human, and feel lost in your own body at times (or deal with hormonal acne, spider veins, etc), it helps to feel really cute in what you wear ;).

Connecting + Collaborating with Other Creatives |
Connecting + Collaborating with Other Creatives |

Top: PinkBlush Maternity | Jeans: ASOS  (similar)| Shoes: Vince Camuto (on sale!!) | Ring: Milk & Honey Market | Lip Color: Stila Stay All Day in ‘Patina’ | Purse: Goodnight Macaroon

One thing’s for sure, no matter what you’re doing …. parenting, spousing, teaching, coaching, leading …. you can’t do it alone. There’s so much to learn from others, and as Scofield always reminds me, there’s so much to give!

What’s your favorite way to connect with other creatives? And where’s your favorite spot to shop for maternity clothes!?

photos by jessi nichols photography

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