Day Trip to Atlanta

November 1, 2013

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this year, my halloween consisted of a short road trip to atlanta, and then some shopping and lunching with my lovely sister lindsey. we visited the adorable atlantic station and walked around, browsing shops. but of course we spent most of our time in  H&Mand even though i love this store, something about  shopping just absolutely exhausts me! it was definitely a reminder of why i prefer online shopping, and why i haven’t been to a mall or department store since… high school!?  every time, i find myself in the dressing room, sweating from changing clothes and running back and forth for different sizes. i eventually just give up because i’m tired of moving in and out of my skinny jeans and so over it. by the time we’re done, we’re running out of the store…and straight to a restaurant. does shopping make any one else so so hungry!? we found a cute little restaurant, sat outside in the cool fall air, and ate the best butternut squash soup i’ve had this season. and believe me, i’ve had a lot of butternut squash soup…i’m kind of obsessed.

hope you all had a fun and happy halloween!

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