Diaper Bag Essentials for a Day at the Pool

August 8, 2016

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Diaper Bag Essentials for a Day at the PoolWe have absolutely loved taking Piper to the pool this summer. Our goal is to soak up these next couple warm months and milk the pool for all it’s worth. The first time Piper got in the water she laughed, and splashed her face, and then laughed some more. We had to hang on tight because she was doing everything in her power to dive forward. Her love for the water is no surprise though, because that girl has always loved the bathtub (just like her mama).Diaper Bag Essentials for a Day at the PoolIs that sun bright, baby girl??Diaper Bag Essentials for a Day at the PoolDiaper Bag Essentials for a Day at the PoolPiper hangin’ with her Aunt Lou and looking so edible in her pineapple suit…

A day at the pool with a baby is certainly a little more complicated …. getting home in time for nap time and making sure we packed plenty of extra clothes and diapers. You can find a few of our pool day essentials below:

1 | Hooded towel – We use one of Piper’s hooded bath towels at the pool. Sometimes when we’re out of the water and in the shade drying off, it can get a little chilly, so the hooded towel keeps her extra warm and snuggly.

2 | Sunglasses – Besides the fact that babies look so stinkin’ cute in sunglasses, gotta make sure to protect those eyes.

3| Sun hat – This is so helpful for babies that still do not have a lot of hair, like P. Definitely helpful if they aren’t wearing their sunglasses, as well.

4 | Swimsuit – Obviously ;). Cannot get over all of the cute, tiny suits.

5| Little swimmer’s diapers – We have forgotten these, and man that’s a pain. So important because they don’t absorb water and keep your little one dry and comfortable. You can buy disposable or reusable.

6 | Sunscreen – We have loved the Babyganics sunscreen. If Piper has fair skin like me or her dad (which obviously she does … hello, red hair) then she will burn so easily. I reapply sunscreen to her like a mad woman.

7 | Water shoes – Piper’s not walking yet, but once she is these will help keep her feet from getting to hot on the warm pavement.

8 | Snacks – We love these organic pouches. We try to stretch out the time between naps as long as we can, so when we go to the pool we normally go right after nap time and I’ll just feed her there.

9 | High chair – Speaking of snacks, this is a great highchair that you can take with you anywhere! Sometimes it’s easier to just hold and feed Piper, but I think this is a great option too!

10 | Float – This is a fun way to play in the water with them, and I love the big sun canopy many have.

Did I leave anything off? What are your pool day essentials with a little one!? Happy swimming!

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