Bonfires + A Fall Bucket List

September 21, 2017

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Bonfire + Fall Bucket List |

Tomorrow is the first day of fall, so I thought I would share our fall bucket list. The crisp, cool air is so refreshing after a blazing summer, and I always feel renewed and ready to conquer my to-do list and try new activities. With a toddler running around, I’m finding more and more excitement in fall and the upcoming holidays this year.

Bonfire + Fall Bucket List |
Bonfire + Fall Bucket List |

One of our favorite things to do when the temperatures drop is have bonfires outside. We’ve put a lot of work into the inside of our house since we moved in 3 years ago, and now we’re finally putting some blood, sweat, and tears into the back yard. Our goal is to really be able to enjoy it this fall, and make it a better place for Piper to play. One of my favorite parts of the backyard is our fire pit. We’ll have friends over and sip hot chocolate and eat dinner over the fire, or we’ll light a fire after Piper goes down and enjoy it ourselves.

Bonfire + Fall Bucket List |
Bonfire + Fall Bucket List |

Below is our fall bucket list with all we plan to do to enjoy the season…

  1. Outdoor bonfires to roast marshmallows and make s’mores
  2. Backyard picnics
  3. Apple picking
  4. Drive the Blue Ridge Parkway when the leaves turn
  5. Go hiking
  6. Friendsgiving feast outdoors
  7. Play in in the leaves with Piper
  8. Carve pumpkins
  9. Bake pumpkin chocolate chip muffins
  10. Make savory pumpkin pizza (have you tried this? you must! it’s our favorite!)

Bonfire + Fall Bucket List |

And, of course, all of these involve being outdoors, which can best be enjoyed with the help of Terminix and a pest-free backyard! I’d love to know what’s on your bucket list! What do you have planned for this fall?

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