Garden City Beach

September 15, 2015

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garden city beach scWe recently got back from a wonderful week away at Garden City Beach with friends! I honestly cannot remember the last time we took a full, Sunday to Sunday vacation and it was fabulous. But man, did it fly by! When we looked at the forecast before leaving, it called for rain every single day due to tropical storm Erika. Luckily, since the storm dissipated, we ended up with only one really rainy day. Scofield and I also, with our crazy fair skin, managed to not get burnt which was a huge success! We both felt pretty proud of this accomplishment ;). Seriously a perfect end to this summer…garden city walkwaygarden citypoolside love lola^ Our beach house had a pool, and I am now fully convinced that every beach house should. No question asked.walkway garden citygarden city murrells inletgrilling out love lolagarden city south carolinatupelo honey myrtle beach^ Scofield and I went out for a breakfast date one morning. We were looking online at breakfast spots, and while we could have picked a local spot, when I saw there was a Tupelo Honey about 20 minutes away, we had to go. Even though we have one in Greenville, I really couldn’t pass it up. The baby was wanting it, you know? ;) We tried the fried green tomatoes over cheese grits, and wow they were amazing. Tupelo never disappoints. I was also especially fond of this Tupelo Honey because they gave us biscuits to go. Maybe it’s because I am noticeably very pregnant, but we’ve never gotten free extra biscuits before. One of the perks of pregnancy I will definitely miss ;).beach housesSo many colorful houses everywhere! I love it!beach garden cityice cream love lolagarden city beachBeach trips are definitely one of my favorite parts of the summer. I’m already looking forward to next year! But now that we’ve vacationed and my pale skin got a little sun, I feel like I’ve fully enjoyed this summer and all its warmth. So now it’s time … come on, Fall!

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