Gathering Around the Table and Why It’s Important

October 23, 2015

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Gathering Around the TableOne thing I feel really passionate about, especially as our family grows, is gathering around the table for meals. We live in such a fast-paced world where we want everything to be instant or quick. I myself am so guilty of this – there was one day that I think I ate every meal in the car. Even though the temptation is hard to resist, I think it is so important to make time for each other, connecting around the table. Below are a few of my reasons why….

#1 | Eat Mindfully

As a dietitian, one of the main things I stress to my clients is mindful eating. It’s so easy to eat that entire bag of chips or one (or five) too many oreos sitting in front of the TV or while doing some other activity. And then, after all is said and done, we still don’t feel satisfied and might not even remember eating it all! If you’re going to splurge or have a snack, really enjoy it. I always suggest sitting down at the table and putting your freshly baked cookies on your favorite plate, lighting a candle, and maybe playing some calming music. I assure you, after being present with your food and thinking about what you are eating, you will leave the moment feeling fully satisfied and less likely to do any emotional or bored eating later.

#2 | Connect with Loved Ones

I’m definitely that wife that likes to text my husband all day every day. Even though I’m sure he loves it ;), some days are super busy and we don’t get to connect at all until getting home at night. Eating a meal together, without re-runs of the office joining us, allows us to hear about each other’s day and really care for one another.

#3 | Relieve Stress

When I’m able to really connect with my husband at the end of a long day, and share my hopes and fears and worries and joys, I leave the dinner table feeling much more at peace. Sometimes all it takes is talking through things and saying them out loud to solve them.

#4 | Try New Recipes

I have always been an advocate for trying new foods and recipes. When I go to a restaurant, I hardly ever order the same thing twice, and when I cook at home, I hardly ever repeat recipes. There’s so many awesome recipes out there to try so why not try them!? OK, OK, Unless you really love a recipe … I do make this vegetarian chili often.

#5 | Cheap Date Night

I think a candlelit dinner at home can be just as romantic as a fancy dinner out…especially if you’re on a budget! Some of my favorite memories with Scofield involve making dinner together and then sitting down to eat with back ground music and a candle and having a little makeshift date night. I have a feeling with a baby coming that we will be doing that much more often…

Photo by Jessi Nichols Photography and Casey Edwards Photography

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12 thoughts on “Gathering Around the Table and Why It’s Important

  1. kacie

    I agree!! Our trip to Southern France showed us an entire culture that took 2 hour (or longer) lunch breaks and 5 hour dinner parties seriously. Nobody ate on-the-go, It was SO refreshing. It felt so much more “right” and natural than quick meals do here.

  2. Jassica

    Wow Lauren, I love your webby, and I love your points on eating dinner . Makes me feel I am so not sentimental because I don’t do all those things you do – like date nights, candlelight dinners, and…really making an occasion over eating just a snack- it makes sense though, and I definitely need to have a think about that. Thanks for sharing! xx

    1. Lauren Foster Post author

      Thanks for commenting, Jessica. It’s hard to do but definitely worth it. It’s a work in progress for us as well!

  3. Lexie

    I couldn’t agree more! I grew up where we ate dinner together every single night. And on weekends we would eat lunch together at the table as a family. I never truly respected it until I grew up. I am so thankful we did that. My family now does it. It’s so important! LifeAsLex

  4. Robin Follette

    I love this. We made it a point to wait until everyone was home before we sat down to dinner. It was harder as the kids were older and had more things going on but we still managed it most of the time. Now that it’s just me and my husband, I will wait until whatever time he gets home to eat. Supper at 9 pm? So be it. It doesn’t happen often, and it’s worth the wait.

    1. Lauren Foster Post author

      Love that! It is definitely what we plan to do with our kids as they grow up. And we are certainly guilty of supper at 9, as well! Better late than never ;)


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