6 Must Try Coffee Shops in Greenville, SC

April 22, 2015

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6 Must Try Coffee Shops in Greenville, SC on lovelolablog.comI don’t think it’s a secret that I love coffee. In college, a coffee shop was my choice study spot. What’s even better is hanging out at a coffee shop when you don’t have to study! I love to go and read, catch up with a friend, or do some journaling. So, if you’re ever in the Greenville area, below is a list of my favorite Greenville coffee shops!
Due South Coffee Shop Taylors, SC
 1 | Due South is definitely a top choice. it’s in a wonderful old mill, so you better believe it is full of character. It reminds me a little of Barista Parlor in Nashville, which of course makes me think of that wonderful trip to Nashville we took last year, which makes me associate Due South with total happiness. Girls, right? … the way we connect things ;)
Tandem CC
2 | Tandem Creperie and Coffeehouse is located right outside of Greenville in Traveler’s Rest. Traveler’s Rest has the cutest little downtown, with a beautiful view of the mountains just in the distance. Tandem serves the best crepes I’ve ever eaten, and lattes that are out of this world.
Methodical Coffee
3 | Methodical Coffee recently opened in downtown Greenville, and now has to be my favorite coffee shop in town. Not only do they have the most darling atmosphere (i’m crazy over white tile!) , but their coffee is out of this world.

the village grind bar4 | The Village Grind is located in the up and coming Village of West Greenville. It’s the cutest little pocket of town with fabulous art galleries and shops. I am obsessed with every little detail inside The Village Grind. I’m thinking about hiring their owner to come decorate my house ;).Jessi Nichols Photography

5 | Coffee Underground is a long-time favorite coffee shop. In high school, my friends and I use to come here on weekends or on Friday nights and get lattes, study, or just hang out and chat. This place holds so many nostalgic memories for me, and to this day it’s one of my favorite spots to really focus and get work done. Not to mention, their brunch and desserts are out of this world.

Greenville Coffee Shops6 | Coffee and Crema is a lovely “walk-thru” in downtown Greenville. You know, like a drive-thru except without a car … Is that like not the cutest thing ever!? Maybe I’ve been under a rock all my life, but I’ve never seen a little coffee window like this. It’s perfect for if you’re strolling downtown and just want to grab a drink and get on your way.

So there you have it, my favorite spots in Greenville to sit down and grab a cup o’ joe! If you live in the area, or ever visit, you’ll have to try them out – you won’t be sorry! :)

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12 thoughts on “6 Must Try Coffee Shops in Greenville, SC

  1. Gillian

    I still have yet to visit Greenville but reading your blog really makes me want to take a weekend trip. All of these coffee shops look so fun and quirky!

  2. Kassie O'Driscoll

    I love your website. Sleek and pretty — and the coffee shops fit right in! I don’t drink coffee, but my husband loves it and I’m always looking for places for him to try. We aren’t too far away from Greenville when visiting his family so maybe we’ll make the trip!

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  8. Margaret

    The Village Grind looks just like my kinda spot! Whenever I can get over there I will have to make a nice little tour of all six spots you’ve mentioned. I’d love to see how different the brews are in each little coffee shop. Yum!


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