House Hunting

March 17, 2014

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house hunting

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We are on the move, looking for our first home. Well, first purchased home. We started looking about three weeks ago, and last week we came across the perfect house. We waited a week before we went to see it, and when we finally did I fell in love. It was in our budget, great location, and my ideal style…could this really be true?? Scofield told me not to get my heart attached…but it was too late. I was already planning and decorating in my head. So we put in our offer, only to find out there had been multiple offers. On saturday, when we were suppose to hear back, I was in Atlanta for the brand market workshop. I told Scofield not to call me with any news, because if we didn’t get the houseIi didn’t want it to distract me or put a damper on my day, and…

…We didn’t get the house. So I cried. Like a big, fat baby.

About halfway home from Atlanta I stopped to get starbucks…partly because I was exhausted, and partly to self-soothe. Coffee in hand, I got back on the interstate, heading home. About an hour later I started to see signs for the Atlanta express lanes. I thought to myself, “Atlanta express lanes in South Carolina? That’s weird….” And then I realized, I had gone the wrong way on the interstate and was back in Atlanta! Cue breakdown number two. A two hour drive turned into a four hour drive. And yes, I blame this all on house hunting.

I’ve decided house hunting is like a girl getting her heart broken by a boy for the very first time. It hurts like the dickens…you think he was the one… the best thing you would ever have. But then that other boy comes along and you think, “Wow, I didn’t know it could be this great.” And you marry him and live happily ever after. So, I’m trusting an even better house is out there.

I’m waiting on my husband house.

But let’s be real…this sucks.
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8 thoughts on “House Hunting

  1. Emily Cooper

    Ah I know how you feel! But yes, a husband house will come up and maybe it will have super cool features you didn’t even know you wanted.

  2. daughter of zion

    I hear you.. when my husband and I were planning our wedding, we were also in the middle of house searching. We had our eyes set on this house, and then went away for a little week trip to a music festival. DUring that week, the government or something changed the rules of mortgages. When we came home we could no longer afford our dream house. We started looking again, three weeks before our wedding day. Our wedding came, and we were off on our honeymoon, without even knowing if our offer had completely gone through…without knowing if we had anywhere to live when we arrived back home after vacation. We didn’t, not for a couple days at least. Finally, we found another house and everything worked out. But it was trying, tiring, and filled with many tears. I’ll be praying for you two!

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