“I Often Dream That My Life is Just as it is Now, Only I Have Well Behaved Hair and I Live in Paris”

November 12, 2014

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Navy and Black via Love lola
we had such a great time at tandem a few weeks ago, that we decided to go on another brunch date last weekend. there is this absolutely cozy little french bistro right above falls parks that overlooks the river. we have been once for dinner, but decided to try it out again for brunch.
the sun was shining and we sat on the patio looking out over the water. there was a woman at a table near us just hanging out with a bottle of champagne, dressed in black from head to toe, and reading a book. she looked so content. they brought coffee out to us while we waited on our food and we sipped and enjoyed the view of the colorful leaves. i’ve never been to france, but i imagine that this is what it is like. cool air and people sitting outside bistros reading books and drinking champagne. i looked at scofield and said, “i could totally live in france.”
Brunch Date Love Lola
brunch date via love lola
eshatki dress via love lola
navy and black via love lola
Passerelle Bistro Greenville SC
Passerelle Bistro Greenville, SC
Passerelle Bistro Greenville, SC
 ^ i ordered the nutella and banana crepe. while it was good, it didn’t even compare to the crepes at tandem.
Passerelle Bistro, Greenville, SC
Passerelle Bistro Greenville, SC
Brunch at Passerelle Bistro
 ^ scofield’s brunch on the other hand … it was amazing! i kept trying to steal bites, but he wasn’t having it ;)
Passerelle Bistro via Love Lola
Passerelle Bistro
Passerelle Bistro Brunch Date
dress eshakti c/o, shoes shoemint, purse target, sunglasses sole soleciety
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hope you’re having a great week!
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11 thoughts on ““I Often Dream That My Life is Just as it is Now, Only I Have Well Behaved Hair and I Live in Paris”

  1. Mila

    I love that dress so much! It’s darling>. Also, that brunch date looks like a dream. I wish I didn’t have an office job so I could once in awhile go on brunch dates.


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