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July 20, 2015

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Baby girl gender announcement idea via Love Lola BlogStriped Maternity Dress | Love Lola Bloggender reveal love lola


We are so excited to be having a little baby girl! We had a gender reveal party a little while ago (we found out at about 16 weeks), and I think 90% of our friends there guessed it was a girl. I was absolutely convinced it was a boy… so that shows how great my ‘mother’s intuition’ is ;). We’ve been busy lately debating over names and planning the nursery. We just ordered a rug for her room, which is pink and all things girly and makes me all kinds of excited!

I recently started feeling baby girl’s kicks, about a week ago, and it is pure magic, I tell you. There really is nothing like it. Scofield was even able to feel her, which was so special to share that together. This little lady is already so loved!

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8 thoughts on “It’s A…

  1. Jenn

    I love, love your pics for this! Congrats on your baby girl :) I feel ya on the mother’s intuition. I felt certain I had a girl, since I was so sick the first 20 weeks or so. Nope. It was a boy. But I was happy either way :)

    1. Lauren Foster Post author

      Thank you Jenn! I should have known it was a girl with the amount of morning sickness I had ;), but we are so excited!!!

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