Kitchen Door Revamp

March 9, 2018

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Kitchen Door Revamp |

It always amazes me what a little paint and artwork can do. We recently updated our kitchen door, and I love the drama it adds to the room and how much more sophisticated it feels. Keep reading to see the before and after!

Kitchen Door Revamp |

Here is the door before. The door was  a robin’s egg blue (which I love), but I got the itch for something different and a little more mature. Since our kitchen is mostly white, I still wanted to use the door to bring some color in the room, so I chose a dark navy.

Kitchen Door Revamp |

Here is the after! We painted the door navy blue, added a jute rug, updated the door handle, and added a “frosted crackled glass” textured window sticker so we wouldn’t have to look into the garage. It’s amazing how easy it was…you just stick it on, and it looks like a completely new window! Super simple change, but makes a world of difference. We also added a little print to the corner to fill the space and finished the grout! ‘m still a bit stunned at the before and after, and love it so much more now.

Kitchen Door Revamp |

Isn’t she lovely!?

Kitchen Door Revamp |

Such a difference, right!? You can find our jute rug here, art print here, and crackled glass sticker here.

I’ll be sharing our full kitchen reveal next week! Finally! It’s only been four years since we started it ;).

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

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