Life With A Newborn

December 22, 2015

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baby piper - 7baby p-3baby p-4There are so many adjectives to describe life with a newborn. Yet, the two that stand out most to me are magical and exhausting. It’s a crazy contrast. I’ve never been more exhausted, yet I’ve never been more enthralled and loved life more. These first few weeks with Piper have been some of the best of my life. It’s a high like I can’t describe – I never knew I could love a tiny human so much.

It’s hard to believe how quickly these newborn days are flying by, so I’ve been trying to soak in as much of them as possible before they’re gone. It’s hard for me to nap during the day, even though I desperately need to, because I can’t bear to miss a second. All I want to do is snuggle my babe and kiss those little cheeks. We spend most days nestled up on the couch, but sometimes we run errands. I push her in her stroller or carry her on my chest, beaming with pride… yep, she’s mine; I made her; I know – she’s perfect ;). Of course I am slowly learning the ropes and still figuring out how to run errands with a little one. I remember our first outing when Scofield suggested we all go grab a coffee just to get out of the house. Our Starbucks date ended in tears when I pretty much had a panic attack when we actually had her in a public place. So many germs, so many people … I couldn’t handle it. So back home we went…

Of course, as wonderful as these days are, they can certainly be difficult too. Piper has had her nights and days completely mixed up. When we first brought her home, she would be alert and/or crying anywhere from 10 pm – 3 am. We’ve gotten that window down to about 9 pm – 1 am, so we’re making progress! It’s funny because when I was pregnant with her, I would definitely notice she was more active and moving around late at night when I was trying to fall asleep. I really don’t know how we survived that first week getting anywhere from 2-4 hours of rest at night. People really weren’t exaggerating when they warned me about those late nights ;). I’ve always been someone that needed a solid 10 hours of sleep to feel energized the next day. Not even kidding. Yet, somehow, I am getting by these days with very little sleep. What’d I tell you … magical.

Some of my favorite things these days are her little coos, squirms, and stretches. I love the way she throws her hands up in the air when she’s napping, or throws her head back and puckers her lips when she doesn’t want any more milk. And her cry … oh my goodness the cutest thing I’ve ever heard (although don’t ask me how I feel about it at 3 am).

The house is a mess, I haven’t showered, and I spend most of my days covered in pee, spit up, or breastmilk… but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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