Litchfield Beach

September 19, 2014

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the husband and i finally got to take a little vacation … just in the nick of time to catch the tail end of summer. we took a long weekend to get away and stayed at litchfield beach. honestly, i think i prefer the beach at this time of the year. it wasn’t too hot, and it wasn’t cool at all yet. the weather was perfect, even though the forecast predicted it would rain every single day we were there. figures, since it rained every day we were at the beach last year. then, to our surprise, we had a sunny day every day with just a few scattered showers! yeah!
 when i talk about how much i love the beach, what i’m really saying is that i love the sand. my top two fears include: tsunamis, and the ocean. i remember as a kid thinking my mom was crazy for never playing in the ocean with us. i also thought my cousin was crazy because she claimed that she ‘doesn’t swim in water where she can’t see her feet.’ but now i totally get it. scofield and i took a long walk on the beach, and on the way back we spotted a guy who had just caught a shark. a SHARK. it was a baby shark, but it was a SHARK. i mean, we have no idea what is swimming around with us. so no thanks, i’ll stay on the sand.
 ^ also, i swear i just got my hair cut. how has it already grown so much!?
 ^ i’m telling you, this is the life. take me back!
 ^ my moon, my man.
 ^ i rarely eat fried food, but when i’m at the beach i throw all rules aside and indulge in fried fish and hush puppies. hush puppies are major guilty pleasures –  right up there with biscuits and doughnuts for me. with that said, i was so excited to go out to dinner and finally have some again. then, our food came out and i was so disappointed. there was virtually no flavor to them. they kind of tasted like a savory, but flavorless, fried doughnut hole. needless to say, we’ll find another seafood restaurant next time.
 ^ i love all the colorful oceanfront houses at the beach. it’s so fun to walk the beach and dream about what it would be like to vacation in one.
 ^ this is as deep as i go into the water. i’m in just for a quick dip to get wet, and then i’m out!
litchfield, thank you for being so good to us. we had the best time!
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