Meet Sage, The Newest Member of our Family!

February 3, 2015

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if you follow me on instagram, you know we just adopted a little blue pitbull puppy! we are over the moon with excitement and are already so in love with him. we’ll have been married three years in may, and we’ve had the itch to add to our little family for a while now. after dog-sitting petey for a few days, it was confirmed for us that it was time and we were ready to take that next step.

we went back and forth and back and forth over what kind of dog we wanted to adopt. i grew up with labs, and scofield’s family has a springer spaniel. i’ve always loved big dogs and was set on adopting a great dane. i tried and tried to convince scofield, but he just couldn’t come to terms with having a dog that would practically be bigger than him. [we are both only 5’5″, so i see where he’s coming from…]. then, we both started thinking about a dalmatian. i am crazy over their sweet little spots and we have some friends that have the sweetest dalmatian. we’ve heard they have a tendency to be more ferocious than other dogs and that they are extremely high energy. with our insanely busy schedules during this season of life, we knew we wouldn’t be able to give a dalmatian all of the exercise he needed so we decided a dalm wouldn’t be a great fit for now.

my sister has two pitbulls, and after spending time with them, we absolutely fell in love with the breed. her dogs damien and petey are two of the sweetest we have ever met. if you sit on the couch, damien will immediately jump up and plop down in your lap, rest his head on your chest, and look up at you with his sweet puppy dog eyes. pitbulls have a stereotype for being dangerous, so we began doing research and discovered the exact opposite! with love, warmth, and good training, they have potential to have some of the sweetest temperaments. we spoke to our vet, and he confirmed our decision.

so, without further ado, our blue baby:

name: sage
birthday: december 14, 2014
age: 7 1/2 weeks
nicknames: bubby, bubby bear, bub, sage’ (pronounced sah-hay…with an accent), bear, bunny
favorite things to do: hop like a bunny, leap down stairs, spin in circles, lay by the vent, play under the bed, cuddle up on our dirty laundry (especially scofield’s pants)
least favorite things to do: walk on a leash, go in his kennel, be held when he wants to play (just like a little babe)
what we’re working on: only biting chew toys and never biting hands, feet, or clothes, going potty outside, eating all of his food (he’d much rather play)
milestones: waking us up in the middle of the night to take him potty instead of going on the floor (such proud parents!)
what we love about our little guy: his sweet little puppy belly, his adorable yawns, his little whines when he wants to be put down but we just cannot stop cuddling him, his bunny hops, his puppy breath, his blue eyes, his courageous spirit (he’s already jumping off the couch and walking down steps)

welcome to our family, little sage. we love you!!
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