My Top Mascara Picks for Big Bold Lashes

January 5, 2018

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My Top Mascara Picks for Big Bold Lashes | Love Lola

I get asked about my lashes a bit, so I thought I’d dedicate a whole post to my favorite mascaras and why I love them (plus a few other tips and tricks). I’ve never used lash extentions or lash serums (although I’d like to try them both). I’ve listed below which mascaras I rotate through, and why I love them!

My Top Mascara Picks for Big Bold Lashes | Love Lola
My Top Mascara Picks for Big Bold Lashes | Love Lola
My Top Mascara Picks for Big Bold Lashes | Love Lola
My Top Mascara Picks for Big Bold Lashes | Love Lola

#1 – Loreal Voluminous Primer

I highly recommend priming your lashes before putting on our mascara. It adds so much length and volume. My favorite primer to use is right from the drugstore! It’s the Loreal Voluminous Primer, and it works wonders. No matter what mascara I’m using, it’s the primer I always reach for. The trick is to let it set for about 30 seconds (but not dry) before putting on your mascara.

#2 – Loreal Voluminous Original inBlackest Black

If you’re looking for an affordable drugstore mascara, I’ve been super impressed by this one. If I don’t have it in my budget to spend on a high end mascara, or I’m running low, I always keep this one in stock in my collection. It’s always suuuuper black, which I love. It works great for getting lower lashes. I’ll often use a different mascara on my top lashes and this one on my bottom lashes.

#3 – Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

I finally jumped on this mascara train, and I now understand what everyone is raving about! The length and volume in this mascara is tough to match. I’m also a sucker for the pretty pink packaging. I feel so fancy when I’m using this one.

#4 – BeautyCounter Volumizing Mascara

I’ve honestly been very impressed with this mascara. This one reminds me a lot of the Better than Sex Mascara by Too Faced, except its much cleaner ingredients. The brush is shaped very similarly, and I find I get similar results. It truly is volumizing, and I love knowing the products I’m using around the sensitive eye area are safe.

#5 – Mary Kay Lash Intensity Mascara

LOVE this mascara so much. It has a special brush that you curve with the lash, and it makes such a difference in volume. I’ve seen this product used and compared alongside fake lashes, and you almost can’t tell which is which.

#6 – Givenchy Lash Extension Effect Mascara

This one has a really cool brush that bends and angles so you can really get under the lash for optimum volume. I was a little skeptical at first, but I cannot say enough about this mascara. It gives so much length, and the firm bristles keep your lashes from clumping. One of my biggest issues is clumped lashes, and I have literally never had that problem with this mascara. It’s worth every penny.

Some other tips for big, bold lashes that I incorporate into my routine are curling my lashes with before applying mascara, and using a lash separator if I have any lashes stuck together after my mascara dries.

To take off my mascara, this is my favorite eye makeup remover here.

And that’s about it. What mascaras do you use and love? Let me know if you try any of these and what you think!


photos by jessi nichols photography

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