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March 14, 2016

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I might be in denial most days, but it’s time to admit that Piper is officially out of the newborn stage. Those days were short on sleep, but not short on magic! As much as I miss them, I am absolutely loving watching her grow, change, and learn new things. I swear every stage just gets more and more fun, and when I think I can’t love her anymore, I wake up with a heart somehow full of even more love. I feel like there is so much information out there about what you need with a new baby. I thought I would narrow it down and share some of our favorite items from those early weeks! Newborn Favorites_edited-1 One | Solly Baby Wrap – This wrap has been an absolute lifesaver. In the early days, I swear it tricks newborns into thinking they are back in the womb. I’d have a fussy baby, put her in the wrap, and she would calm down and go right to sleep. I also have the ergo baby carrier, which we love as well. But what I especially love about the solly baby wrap is that it isn’t bulky, like the ergo. I can ball up the fabric and throw it in my diaper bag, without it taking up much space at all.

Two | Burt’s Bee’s Burp Cloths – One thing I quickly learned is that you can never have too many burp cloths! We go through them very quickly, so I like to have a bunch on hand. We have a few different brands, but the burt’s bees have been some of our favorites (honestly, love all their products!). I am also a huge fan of the Bubba Love burp cloths. They are soft and the designs are beautiful, and they are also super thick and absorbent. Also, I’m all about supporting small businesses. The quality can’t be beat!

Three | 4Mom’s Infant Tub – I love how sleek and clean all of the 4Mom’s products are. The quality also does not disappoint. Early on, we bathed Piper in the tub over our sink and it fit great. Now we keep this tub in the big bath tub and just bathe her there. I love that there is a  temperature gage that tells you when the water is too warm, too cold, or just right.

Four | Aden & Anais Easy Swaddle – I can’t even count how many times we asked a nurse to come swaddle our baby while we were in the hospital. They were so gracious and kind and taught us their swaddling techniques. But even with practice, once we got home we weren’t able to mimic the tightness and comfort of their swaddle for baby Piper (Well, Scofield could more than me … He was our swaddling master). While we would use these swaddling blankets during the day, I was always worried she was going to escape the swaddle during the night and end up with blankets all over her face. We tried out this easy swaddle and loved it! Not to mention she looked so snuggly and cute in it. I cannot tell you how many pictures we have of her swaddled and sleeping taken somewhere around 2 am.

Five | Wubbanub – These pacifiers! They are the only ones we use. First of all, they’re adorable. But what’s so great about them is that when the baby spits the pacifier out it stays in place and doesn’t go bouncing around on the dirty floor. I didn’t find out until after Piper was sleeping through the night that you can actually swaddle the little animal in with the baby to hold the pacifier in place even better. So, basically the wubbanub and easy swaddle go perfectly together! Man, I wish I knew this earlier … We spent way too many hours not sleeping and playing the paci game early on. You know, where you put the paci in and the baby is content and starts to fall asleep, and then as soon as they start to drift off the paci falls out and they start screaming. Then, repeat the process an endless amount of times. I remember multiple times pulling her bassinet right up to our bed so I could lay in bed and close my eyes while holding the paci in her mouth until she fell asleep. That is one thing I do not miss ;).

Six | Mamaroo – I have friends who’s babies have not been the biggest fans of the mamaroo, but our Piper has loved it!! Early on, it would calm her down when she was fussing, and she could nap for hours in it. It was nice because it would free me up and allow me to get things done around the house. Unless, of course, I would just sit there and watch her sleep ;).

Seven | Moses Basket – A moses basket is perfect for those newborn days. We used a stand with the basket and Piper slept in it, in our bedroom, for the first couple months. Newborns are also so sleepy, that it was nice to bring it into the living room and let her nap in it during the day, too. Now, she is too easily distracted and wants to be on her tummy or entertained by her play mat, but early on it was great!!

A few other favorite products include the Fisher Price Rock ‘N Play, Summer Infant video monitor, Aden & Anais Carseat Canopy, and Bugaboo Cameleon stroller.

I hope these help you decide on your purchases and registry items if you’re planning for baby! I know, especially with the first, all of the products and options out there can be overwhelming. I’m pretty sure I cried a few tears when I couldn’t decide what stroller or carseat to pick, haha. There are, of course, so many other great products out there, but these are a few of our favorites that stuck out to me. If you have some other baby must-haves, I’d love to hear!

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