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August 6, 2015

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23 weeks | Love LolaYesterday marked 24 weeks,  and it continues to blow my mind how much pregnancy changes you … mind, body, and emotions. Someone asked me once if I cry a lot over silly things. I certainly do at times, but I more so have a tendency to just get really mad over silly things. Then it’s my anger that will typically make me cry… like that time my internet wouldn’t work at starbucks. Scofield is really getting to practice his patience these days ;)…

For instance, when we went to Charleston we were so excited to go out and get our fill of good ol’ fried seafood. I mean, what’s a beach trip without fish and chips?? All the restaurants were booked .. of course .. memorial day weekend. So we made late reservations at a seafood restaurant on the water. I’ve mentioned it before, but I am a sucker for hush puppies when we take any sort of coastal vacation. I was determined to get my hands on some in Charleston. We ordered an appetizer of them at Husk, and they were delicious, but seasoned differently and served with a fancy sauce. I still wasn’t quite satisfied … I  just wanted some classic hush puppies in ketchup, you know. When we went out for seafood, I thought surely I would get some. But they didn’t serve them as a side … only a garnish. You could order an appetizer of them, so I thought okay, let’s do that. But when they brought them out they were GIANT and stuffed with crab and shrimp. Once again … not what I wanted. I mean, HOW HARD IS IT FOR A PREGNANT LADY TO GET SOME BASIC HUSH PUPPIES AT THE BEACH!? This is the type of event that will trigger that pregnancy anger for me, because apparently when you’re pregnant you get very passionate about things like hush puppies. Or, no? Just me? Okay.

There was also that time Scofield and I were on our way home from hanging out with friends and we barely made it to the side of the road before I was vomiting out the window. That was fun ;) … Or there’s the acne, the very specific food cravings, the heartburn, and the strange, strange dreams.

I’m telling you, this pregnancy thing is a total adventure – strange and wonderful, nerve-wrecking yet magical. Sometimes I’m taken back by what I see in the mirror and a little weirded out by all the changes going on (let’s be honest), and other times I am fascinated and in total awe. All I really know for sure these days is that I can’t wait for November, to hold our baby girl, and to become a mother. I have a feeling this crazy beautiful roller coaster will only continue…

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6 thoughts on “Pregnancy Diaries | On Hush Puppies and Other Pregnancy Things

  1. Cyd

    I haven’t had too much of the anger thing going on so far, but I definitely feel it here and there on occasion. I would say I’m overly emotional in general, but that’s true of me when I’m not pregnant so I’m not sure that counts. ;-) (Cry baby, party of one over here.) Also, you look adorable! xo

    1. Lauren Foster Post author

      haha sounds like we are opposite! ;) I definitely get the weepies too, though! such an adventure!

  2. Jeanette

    So pretty:)

    I am pregnant too and are starting up a new fresh blog, where I can share my thoughts about becoming a mother for the third time and about my familylife. I am in week 20 now:)


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