One Room Challenge Week Three

October 20, 2016

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One Room Challenge Week Three | Love LolaSomehow it is already week three of the one room challenge. I can’t believe how fast it is flying by, and I am loving how Piper’s room is coming together.

This week the new prints I ordered (here and here) came in for the nursery. I visited a few shops around town, and realized that I could save close to $100 dollars on frames if I bought them from Ikea. I’ve been wanting to take a trip to Ikea for the longest time, but something always seems to come up. Since the closest Ikea is two hours away, we can’t just pop over to pick a few things up. Sunday afternoon, I didn’t have much planned and thought “What the heck, I’m just gonna do it.” Scofield works on Sundays, so it was just me and the babe. I fed her, put her in the car just in time for her afternoon napped, grabbed a coffee at starbucks, and we hit the road.

For the most part, she did great, but we did hit some pretty bad traffic on the way home. At one point we were in standstill traffic on the highway, she was tired, hungry, and screaming, and I’m singing trying to calm her down until we can get to the next exit. Whew, glad that’s over! Luckily, she fell asleep, traffic picked up, and we made it home.One Room Challenge Week Three | Love LolaOne Room Challenge Week Three | Love LolaOne Room Challenge Week Three | Love LolaOne Room Challenge Week Three | Love LolaSince we made the long trip to Ikea, I went ahead and picked up a plant, a few extra frames, and a classic white plant pot. The pot was another item I had had my eye on for some time, and I managed to land the last one in the store (insert fist bump)! Three weeks down, three to go!

Week one of the One Room Challenge
Week two of the One Room Challenge

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