One Room Challenge Week Two: Nursery Progress

October 13, 2016

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One Room Challenge Week Two

Hello week two of the One Room Challenge!

This week the perfectionist in me has been giddy as I dream of completing this room and making steps toward it. My husband, Scofield, and my father-in-law (handiest man alive!) built these little floating bookshelves for me out of leftover wood we had in our garage. I had been begging my husband for months to haul off and get rid of all of the random pieces of wood we are hoarding in our garage. But in this moment, I was happy to have it ;).

The shelves have been up for a bit, but this week I had so much fun rearranging and styling them. At almost 11 months, Piper still destroys (via chewing, eating, or ripping) most books, so we only keep the board books easily accessible to her in her book bin. Until she’s a little older, hard back books will hang out here when we’re not reading them together.

One Room Challenge Week Two

We also finally replaced our chair!! I am so so in love with the gray nursery works rocker we have in Piper’s room, and it makes me want to hang out in there for hours. We paired it with this leather pouf, and I am loving the combination. Of course, it would have made a million times more sense to purchase our own rocking chair when Piper was a newborn, considering how many hours I spent sitting and nursing her, but this chair actually came at a good time, too. Piper has literally never woken up in the middle of the night all 11 months of her life (I know, weird!!), which I am so thankful for. (I will say, getting her to fall asleep is a whole other story!) But as soon as we purchased this rocking chair she came down with a little bug and was up all night long. I spent most of the night rocking and holding her, and I was so thankful for a cozy chair to snooze and rest in during that long, long night.

One Room Challenge Week Two

This week we are getting a few pictures framed, making a trip to Ikea to grab a few items, and plant (preferably ‘faux plant’) shopping. Can’t wait to share more progress next week! And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out all of the other design products going on in the One Room Challenge, here!


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