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April 1, 2016

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Diaper Cart via Love LolaI’m sure you’ve seen this little blue ikea cart all over the internet, and there’s reason for it … it’s amazing! I want one for every room of our house ;). Although, I’ve always been drawn to carts … coffee carts, bar carts, guest room carts. So I guess it’s no surprise that the first part of Piper’s nursery that is finished is this little diaper cart corner. I guess it’s also the most practical corner to finish first. I love how I can move the cart around and how much storage it holds. It holds our diapers, swaddle blankets, burp cloths, wipes…it is such a space saver! Diaper Cart via Love Lola^ We love babyganics products, and these diapers are no exception. It’s crazy how you become a mom and you all of a sudden have hard core opinions about things like diapers! They are great quality, and I love the cute, but simple design. We do love pampers, too, though! I like how the pampers brand (and many others now) have a line that turns blue when the diaper is wet or dirty. Although, I feel like I’ve officially entered the mom club because I can definitely tell when a diaper is wet without checking the line. I remember keeping the nursery at church before Piper was born and never knowing when I needed to change a diaper, haha. Rookie ;). Diaper Cart via Love Lola^ For some reason, I thought I would need like a million swaddle blankets when I was pregnant so I stocked up. We definitely don’t use them much now that we don’t swaddle her, but at least they look pretty, ha. They are also really great for light blankets when the weather gets warmer and I’ve even used them as burp cloths! All about utilizing what we have.Diaper Cart via Love Lola^ Speaking of burp cloths, we are also big fans of these ‘Bubba Love‘ ones. The designs are so cute and they are super thick and absorbent.Diaper Cart via Love LolaDiaper Cart via Love LolaNow it’s on to decorating the rest of the nursery, hopefully sooner than later ;) …

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