Pictures by Jessi

November 19, 2013

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my sweet friend jessi recently launched her new photography business, jessi nichols photography. for her portfolio, she asked if i’d be willing to pose for a few portraits. of course, honored, i said yes. i mean, who doesn’t love an opportunity to twirl around in a dress in the middle of a field. the weather was perfect and we caught the sun just in time. it wasn’t even cold until the sun went down… a typical [but lovely] south carolina fall day…

you can check out more of her work, here. thanks for havin’ me, jessi! you’re the best!

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8 thoughts on “Pictures by Jessi

  1. Anna

    These are absolutely beautiful pictures of you! It is so much fun to be taking picture of models that love to pose, I have that with my friend Sarah. The SC fall seems like something extraordinary indeed :) How did your macaron taste?


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