Piper at 2 Years

January 3, 2018

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2 Year old Update | Love Lola
2 Year old Update | Love Lola

I’m finally getting around to Piper’s 2 year update! She turned 2 back in November, and this is such a fun (and challenging) age.


The girl can eat. She’s really not picky and will eat most anything. We worked on getting her to eat broccoli and eggs for probably the last year, and she’ll finally eat them without any fuss (insert fist bump). Her favorite food right now are cheese sticks. She’ll wake up in the morning asking for one, haha.


The girl can also sleep ;). She’s still in her crib but has climbed out twice. During her naptime one day I heard a door open and little footsteps, and I looked down the hall to see a little toddler, to which she responded “hi mama.” The next morning she climbed out and greeted us in the kitchen. It hasn’t happened again, though. But I know it’s time to move her to a big girl bed. To be honest, I’m kind of dreading it. It’ll be a transition for all of us, but the plan is to make the big move before the baby comes in March.


She is starting to talk so much. Her language exploded right around her second birthday. She’ll repeat pretty much anything you say. My favorite thing she says right now is when she’s calling for Scofield she’ll scream “Hey Babe!” haha. I realized how much I must do that ;). When she wants you to open a door she says “Open door me,” or to ask you to rock her to sleep she says “Dada rock you.” I love two year old talk! It’s so sweet. She’s also started saying “you guys.” Not sure where she got that one from. But at night she’ll say “good night guys,” or “I love you guys,” or my favorite “good job guys.” Haha


She got a little piano and microphone for Christmas, and I wasn’t sure how’d she react to it but she LOVED it. She screams into the microphone and sounds like a dying whale. It’s pretty fun … although I’m sure it’ll get old soon ;) She’s also got some dance moves.

Anyway, those are just the highlights. There’s definitely lots of time out and discipline, and reading books/having conversations on parenting. Life is crazy, but wonderful!

photos by jessi nichols photography

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