Piper at 15 Months

February 22, 2017

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Piper at 15 months

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It’s amazing how much Piper has grown and changed in just the last few months. Her vocabulary has expanded tremendously, and she is communicating more and more. She signs milk, all done, please, dog, and more. She says mama, dada, thank you, papa, naenae (aka “grandma”), ball, baby, night night, hi, bye, dog, uh-oh and no. She walks, or runs rather, can point to a few different body parts, and can make a couple of animal noises.

She loves her baby dolls. I think one of my favorite moments was watching her pull down a dish towel from the oven, wrap her baby doll in it like a blanket, and then carry it around and rock her, just like we have always done with her. It’s amazing to me how much she seems to understand and how much she is learning at this point.

As far as meal time is concerned, fruit is, of course, a big hit. She loves bananas, applesauce, and particularly berries…all the berries. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries…any variety really. She eats a lot of greek yogurt, avocado, and sweet potato. She’s just started eating broccoli, but she hates eggs. Getting her to drink milk has also been a struggle, which I think in large part is related to the fact that she is still nursing. That girl signs “milk” at me and wants to nurse all.day.long. I try to keep nursing just to the morning and the evening, but I am quickly realizing that fully weaning her is going to be rough.

She’s decided to start expressing her independence around mealtime and throws the food she’s not interested in on the floor. She’s also started throwing tantrums, which is a whole new category for us (send tips, or help, anything…). I’ve honestly felt a little lost in how to handle and parent through them. So we’re definitely learning a lot more as parents through this stage.

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