Piper at 3 Months

February 24, 2016

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Piper at 3 months - 3I can hardly believe/not believe at all, that our little love bug is three months old! These three months have been the fastest, hardest, best, most exhausting, most exhilarating, emotional, confusing, joyful months of my life. Piper is starting to chub up in all the places and it takes total self control not to gnaw on her legs all day. I definitely feel like her little personality is starting to show itself. She loves to chat up a storm – totally gets that from her daddy. And she sleeps like a champ – gets that from her mama ;). I think the red hair is here to stay, and she is quite the thumb sucker! Piper at 3 months - 5Piper at 3 months - 4^ Still working on tummy time, but she is loving it more and more and getting better and better at it!Piper at 3 months^ So edible!Piper at 3 months - 6Piper at 3 months - 7Happy three months, baby!

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