Piper’s First Few Weeks

December 16, 2015

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first few weeks | love lolaThese first few weeks with our girl have flown by. I’ve heard time and time again to savor every moment and that it all goes by too fast, and man is that true! I remember feeling like it would be forever because she would be here and we would get to meet her. Now, I’ve blinked, and three weeks have gone by. On Sunday she will be one month, and with just 11 more of those she will be a year. What!? Seriously, time slow down!

Below are a few pictures of the first few weeks with our little lady. Of course, there mostly all of her snoozing, because that’s about all we do these days. Well, if it’s daytime … there’s not a whole lot of snoozing after dark ;)first few weeks | love lola^ That grumpy face …. I love it so much!first few weeks | love lolafirst few weeks | love lola^ Tiny baby toes … I could kiss them all day longfirst few weeks | love lolafirst few weeks | love lolafirst few weeks | love lolaStill can’t believe she is ours. We are in heaven!

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