How I Restored My Hair After Having A Baby

September 12, 2017

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I have seen so much progress in my hair over the past year, that I wanted to share how I restored my hair after having a baby and a bit of my hair care journey. My locks have been through so much having a baby, and I remember a year ago feeling so down, frustrated, and insecure about my hair. I am so so happy with the progress it’s and the transformation I’ve seen in it, so I wanted to share!

Post partum is tough on your hair. I remember when the hormonal shedding started, and I worried I would go bald. And then I really started to get bald spots, ah! My hair was so thin and brittle, dull and would not hold a curl. I realized I had to make changes to my hair care routine if it was going to get any better. Below is a list of what worked for me!

How I restored my hair after baby a baby |
How I restored my hair after baby a baby |

How I restored my hair after baby a baby |
How I restored my hair after baby a baby |
How I restored my hair after baby a baby |

Below is a list of things that worked for me to get my hair back after baby:

1 | Prenatal vitamins

I never stopped taking my prenatal vitamins after Piper was born, even after I stopped breastfeeding, and I think it made a big difference. It definitely helped my hair grow faster, which I desparately needed after losing so much. If you don’t want to take a prenatal, find a good skin, hair, and nail vitamin with biotin (although, beware, it will make hair on other parts of your body grow faster too)

2 | Invest in your shampoo and conditioner

I immediately stopped using my drugstore shampoo (which I discovered is full of toxins, by the way), and switched over to this shampoo and conditioner. I make sure to switch it up so much hair doesn’t get to use to the product and it become less effective. I’ve recently started using this shampoo and conditioner, and I love it.

3 | Avoid heat as much as possible

Once upon a time I would dry my hair, straighten it, and then curl it. I cringe at the thought, now! I’ve found that skipping straightening my hair in between not only helps protect my hair, but it also gives it more volume. Now, I’ll let my hair almost completely air dry, and use a hair dryer to smooth it out. I may straighten just a few wonky pieces at the front, and then I’ll curl it. But when I know I am just going to be around the house or running errands, I skip heat altogether. I’ll let it air dry and then put it in a braid.

6 | Use a heat protectant

Whenever I do use heat, I make sure to use a heat protectant. This oil I use on my hair protects against heat, as well as this antihumidity spray I use in the summer. When I’m not using those products, I use this heat protectant.

5 | Don’t wash your hair every day

I wash my hair about twice a week. Washing it too frequently strips it of it’s healthy oils and can make it dry and brittle. Dry shampoo is my best friend (I love this one!)

6 | Prep your hair before styling for products that repair and nourish

After I shower, I always spray this product or this product on my hair and brush it through. I follow with this oil and let it air dry or blow dry it. I will say, the oil is a bit pricey but it lasts forever. I’ve literally had it over a year and I still have half a bottle (if not more).  Using these products before I style my hair also allows me to use less heat. It smooths my hair and takes away any frizz so I don’t have so straighten it.

7 | Use a hair mask

When you are repairing your hair, or trying to lock in moisture, I highly recommend a deep conditioning mask. I;’ll use this one 2-3x/week in place of my conditioner, or this one before I shampoo.

There it is, all I did to heal my locks. Let me know if you have any questions!

photos by jessi nichols photography

How I Restored My Hair After Having a Baby (with before + after pictures) |
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6 thoughts on “How I Restored My Hair After Having A Baby

  1. Nellwyn

    I haven’t had a baby but I have suffered from dry and weak hair in the past and I agree with all these tips. Investing in good shampoo, using heat protectant, and using hair masks has totally transformed the health of my hair. My stylist even noticed a difference!

  2. Larissa

    Great tips! My hairdresser shared most of these with me, so I try to do them on a daily basis. I even take prenatal vitamins even though I’m not pregnant. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  3. Whitney

    Good grief, I started shedding post partum a little less than a year ago (mine waited to fall out until after I stopped breast feeding). It. was. so. distressing. I did a lot of what you list here–no heat, better shampoo and conditioner, and wash less. I even had to cut my long hair because it got so thin it was stringy! When I went in to the salon, my stylist (who I had never met before) saw the tiny baby hairs growing in on my hair line and said, “You just had a baby!” Haha. I did one other thing that I think has really helped. I started using Nuema’s argan oil after I wash it and it has really helped the texture. Thanks for such a great post. This is one of the worst parts of post partum. You go through ALL THAT and then have to lose your hair, too???!!!

  4. Erica

    Well, my baby making days are behind me but I am noticing that as I am approaching 40 my hair is super dry all the time now. I think your post benefits me too.


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